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  1. Hi guys, been a while since I posted but I raced the MKII at Croft yesterday and got this in car footage. I forgot how much oversteer the old girl had. Great fun though and was nice to pass those cars on slicks
  2. Ah turd biscuits! I just found this thread, would have deffo come along but I'm away. Will try and make it to the next 1!
  3. Croft winter stages but unfortunately you have a bit of a wait for that dude!
  4. You've got to go with the Jap crap stickers of dragons and blades because that gives you at least an extra 200bhp, not to mention a drainpipe exhaust
  5. Cheers for the advice, I wondered if it was maybe because the screen is so high rez or something. the link is here http://s44.photobucket.com/albums/f31/f ... t=test.jpg
  6. Hi I'm just doing some pshp for uni on my new mac and when I use the brush tool I'm getting lots of over lapping lines and edges and it's doing it with the rubber tool too. Almost like i'm pressing the button lots and there is not a smoothe fade. everything is set to normal and I have tied fiddling with opacity and flow etc Any help really soon would be great. Thanx alot
  7. If it was me I wouldn't believe a word of it. Just don't bother writing back to him and he will go away. If by some chance the bloke is actually serious and you get a summons, then go see a soliciter and take his money off him for wasting your time and harassing you and your young family He would probably (hopefully) get laughed out of court. The car is 25 years old, you shouldn't have a problem proving it is one of those things, and it's common fact that if you give your shafts heave hoe they will go bang and surely they could be inspected to find the cause of the breakage? Don't stress abouyt him bud lifes too short!
  8. There is never going to be an end of this discussion it's like saying what music is better house music or rap, each to there own, both are equally as skilfull but completely different arts. As for drag racing, (as above) I think it's a complete waste of time and money, at the end of the day it may be slightly cheaper to enter an event, but the winner is who has blown the most cash on there car and driver skill plays a very limited part of it. if your into drag racing watch the start of a race, 32 cars going in a streight line when the lights are green all trying to get round the first corner is more exciting than seeing who has spent the most money out of the two cars on a strip. But again sounds like Gaz is the earl of knowledge about these things so he'l be right. For the final nail in the coffin, the Silverstone Grand Prix sold 100,000 tickets this year, not to mention the millions who watched it on TV, Rallying is of a similar nature although physical attendance is not as high there are still millions who watch the T.V. coverage. Is drag racing even televised or is it too dangerous for the camera men falling from the gantry's while sleeping? Sorry to go on a bit, but thats me done now, never looking at this post again!
  9. Cool cheers bud. I will keep a scout out as I'm often down at Croft anyway, so could dodge along after work.
  10. I know theres the Durham club but is there any other clubs up here that go on OSF cruises etc?
  11. Sorry one more thing, Race circuits are surrounded by walls and most don't have many gravel traps, I think if I had the option of running head on into the wall at Rockingham or any other wall or armco in the uk at 130mph or sliding into a grass verge or clipping a tree sideways at 80+mph I think I'd go for wrapping the car round the tree option. But hey if were looking for something shit to waste money on drag racing is the only way forward IMHO Lights Red, Green Power 14 seconds later off the power and on the brakes. Yeehaa. haha
  12. I see both sides of the argument, but for those who think it's easy driving on a circuit, yes if you drive like a rally driver at 95% throwing in the heroic power oversteer, but that would put you about 4 seconds off the pace in any single make series. Rally drivers and race drivers are different beasts, in both it's vital to finish but in racing its more important to finish first and to do that you have to drive 110%. while not getting taken off by one of the other idiots whose even more desperate to win than you. Looking back at a bit of history all of the race drivers who have competed in rallys are blindingly quik untill they have a big off and don't finish, all of the rally drivers who race finish the race but never win. But for me you cannot beat the full on MKII race cars and the zakspeeds that look like they should have ASBOS. But I appreciate their more sophisticated rallying cousins.
  13. Well from time to time, lol nah it doesn't go on the road ever as the motor has to be rebuilt every 10 hours so it wouldn't be practical unfortunately. Thanx for the info, where did you get that from? I've posted on the AVO board in the past which is how I got the newspaper clipping of GNO475H in the RAC rally but unfortunately that was all I got told but I will have a go again in the hope maybe someone else will see it who recognises it. Thanx again for that
  14. This is my dads MKI BDG FIA hommologated race car, the plate is GNO476H and we have all of the documentation to prove its an authentic GNO car, does anyone know of its history? GNO475H was used in the RAC rally, it was built by AVO @ Ford as a rally car and then used by a reporter in the rally. We know that AVO used my dads car for something but we arent entirely sure what? Any info would be great. We bought the car nearly 3 years ago and it had been converted from a race car to a sprint/hillclimber, J.S. Motorsport then built it into what you see above which is a fully homologated FIA race car which my Dad competes in around Europe but it was initially built for the FIA European Historic Touring car Championship however this season he's just doing one off's in it. The car was recently bright greeny/yellow then was white and had big aftermarket arches and really wide rims. however to get it to FIA spec its now all as the original Race cars were with everything genuine. Anyway any help you can offer would be much appreciated. Who knows you might even win a for your troubles
  15. Cmon!! It's fairly extreme but you gotta give it to the dude on the sheer fact that he has a MKII love machine I'd drink up to that. Think 'if those walls could only tell stories' lol
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