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  1. If the story is correct this occurred on the Dukes Highway in rural South Australia, the couple saw the google car raced ahead and 'posed'. Apparently the trailing images from the google camera, show them racing to get back in, perhaps to do it again further up! Also about 5 years old. JP
  2. Most outstanding, Rufus! Let's jam!
  3. surely camping lanterns can be tested in the windowless rooms during the day!
  4. Goodness me RallyPack 2000. what you doing awake this early in the Australian morning to be reacting to this post!
  5. yep my sill painting got out of hand and they joined up at the top. like combing over your pubic hair to cover a bald spot on your upper head. Oh hang on mine has no rust left!
  6. Hi yellow perril, get some photos up. if they are bolted on they are not a factory fix and may be able to be adjusted. JP
  7. Its been long enough. Thanks for the keyring Vista. 3 pistons = 30 hence a piston equals 10 a piston plus a tyre plus a tyre = 20 a piston already = 10 so tyres must equal 5 a tyre plus a pair of shock absorber plus a pair of shock absorber = 9 thus a pair of shock absorbers must = 2 Our final equation poses a tyre + a single shock absorber X a piston or 5+1x10. Mathematics does not have a primary left to right protocol but an order of operations or rules. Some know it as BODMAS, others BIDMAS or PEDMAS. SO when presented with an equation solve the Bracketed then Orders, Divisions, Mutiplications, then Additions and finally Subtractions. so following the RULE our equation would look like this when reordered to read left to right. 1x10+5 or 5+(1x10) or as presented 5+1x10 which equals 15 JP
  8. well I truly believe I have it right at 15! the laws of Mathematics dictate I am correct. JP
  9. yep 15 got nothing to do with old or new maths just plain everyday normal mathematical rules and powers of observation!
  10. I liked tha capri, needed bumpers though. blacked out though.
  11. yes I had to cut a good bit of front wing off to clear the wheels on a bit of lock. sort of see it here. oh comp struts are wound in so wheel is yet to move forward but helps show cut
  12. jpayne

    Just plain wrong!

    Photoshop every day of the week!
  13. so you made it back Whooligan. Been a big plan watching on classic-ford Welcome and good luck. JP
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