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  1. Hi Mark I bought her in Feb 2014 then sold her after nearly three years, went to TVR, missed Escorts so got a mk2 then the opportunity came to re-purchase the yellow wheeler dealer car that I first bought off the program in Feb 2013. I had both HON 80N and Wheeler Dealer cars together for a few days! In the previous owner's time, (Martyn from near Cardiff) In my ownership My current mk1 I sold HON 80N to a lad in Essex, the Essex car has gone home!
  2. £17,609 bid, £2,641 - 15% fees to Silverstone Auctions. Auctioneers make good money on old Fords.
  3. The guy I sold it to didn't use it enough but when he did he managed to blow a piston... I don't know why he bought it, it's been sitting in a Barn for 2 years, unmoved. Anyway, I'm glad be wasn't really into it as it meant it came back home where it belongs. I can't wait to hear her roar again.
  4. I paid £11,800 for it in 2013, spent a fortune on the engine, better seats, manifold, exhaust, wheels, quarter bumpers etc.. then sold for £14,200 in 2014 and then I bought it back 3 years later - now 2017 - for £14,200 but it needs some engine work. I'm happy because I sold my RS for £23,500 so I'm quids in!
  5. Scott, I thought I was over Escorts so I sold the RS last year. Unfortunately, you can take the boy out of the Escort but can't take the Escort out of the boy! I tried a TVR for a while but ended up back in an Escort.. mk2. The mk2 is lovely but my main love is the mk1. I've got the genuine RS thing out of my system now, so the modified xflow yellow peril is back... And it was £9k cheaper than the RS!
  6. I bought the mk1 Wheeler Dealer car from the program after seeing it advertised on the 'turbosport' forum. I had the engine replaced for a 1700 xflow built and fitted by Colin Ashton. I didn't use it enough and sold her to get a genuine RS2000 mk1 but now she's back where she belongs. She's back with me and now she's never going! I've made a few changes... The rear now is satin blacked... Removed the spots, was... Now Still looks good... Now, I need to sell my mk2 ☹️
  7. Kind words Pete, I called you when Kermit was for sale but hesitated! I still had my Mk1 RS2000 at the time... anyway, I'm back in an Escort now... Anglia doesn't do it for me..
  8. Exactly! I bought it to drive and enjoy, a genuine shell RS would have been at least £5k more but would have felt the same.
  9. It's 'Mexico' on the V5 but it's been re-shelled. Doesn't bother me though, it's got a 2.0 pinto so it's far from original. It goes like stink... I've done the genuine thing with my old mk1 RS. At the end of the day they're all the same to me!
  10. You can take the boy out of the Escort but you can't take the Escort out of the boy! I sold my Mk1 RS2000 around a month ago.. I was done with Escorts and moved onto a TVR, until I saw this for sale, viewed it, paid a deposit, collected yesterday! Love it! Drove 175 miles back home, brilliant! Love Escorts!
  11. Sounds good, I'll bring the TVR along unless I've got another Ford by then!
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