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  1. Ah ok, I'm glad my pics are still visible. So at least I haven't wasted my time updating the thread 😉
  2. No not guilty on the roofbox. This thread was the front end crash damaged blue Anglia Van, which turned out to be more rot and filler than steel. I can still see the pictures, but they're kinda slighty faded out with a watermark. Maybe I can see them because it's my own accout...?? unno... Can you not see them at all??
  3. Grand thread resurection and update !! I hope any members on here that originally followed my project are well. Some of you probably wondered if 'it' or me are still around.? Well indeed we are. The van was finally completed and on the road during March 2016. Thereafter, it didn't move much, due to a couple of shakedown issues and other stuff going on besides. Once the welding was complete, I stopped updating the thread. Mainly because I had lots of tricks up my sleeve and didn't want it to evolve online. Instead I always planned a grand unveiling in Classic Ford Magazine. Today is THAT day. There's a full feature in the May issue - out now! So if you haven't done so already, go grab yourself a copy and read the full story and see how it turned out.
  4. Hi Vista. Sorry to disappoint, but I haven't done a great deal of work on her since the last update. On the back burner again & actually stored away in my lock up! I've got a mate who wants to take her off my hands & finish, to use as an eye catching busines advert for his MOT station. A very difficult decision for me, given the 100's of hours gone into this...still 100's more to do too
  5. just spotted this for sale http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-ESCORT-M ... 35bdfe3a0b
  6. Wise words from Jon & Lotusless I'd wait for the right car too if it's gonna be a keeper. £9k is a lot to spend & never be happy with it.. Very worthwhile joining the Rallye Sport Escorts forum too. Also this morning, I remembered that the car is painted in Venetian red. That ain't an authentic Mk1 colour I notice the ad states 160 brake @ the wheels. From a cross-flow on a twin choke Weber...ahhhhhemm
  7. I had a fab day, most of it on the strip or queing. I wasn't on the stand this year, but managed to bump into a few members along the way. Was really great to see yas & chat, if only briefly!!!!! I'll be back when I get an OSF on the road...too busy playing with other stuff at the mo
  8. 9k to then have to do further work to make it more authentic. If the seller believes it's a 100% car, perhaps it's time to inform him & renegotiate
  9. I think I struggled to get £5.5k for it 6 yrs ago, can't quite remember, but may have been quite a bit less than that. Prices haven't really risen that much since then...
  10. I'm a bit lost on values these days. However there are many previously crashed/rotten AVO cars out there which have been re-shelled to a high standard, having have had the shell bought fully up to AVO spec. It's not to rocket science to do to do it properly either. I believe some even win concours trophies I suppose it depends if you were particularly after an AVO car & an 'original' one at that, or just a high performance Escort????
  11. AVO tag was missing, but that's not the end of the world. I guess they can go missing over the years. Repro's are easliy obtainable. I think I wasn't convinced about the area around the rad being correct either
  12. Yey! Indeed my old beastie The car came to me as part of a job lot other stuff. It's quite a while ago now, approx 8 yrs ago. It was complete exept for an engine. It had previously ran an all steel x -flow. It's an early battery in boot spec Mex. Apart from the pushrod engine, these early cars were essentially a late spec twincam or RS1600 in every other aspect. There were a few things about the car which lead me to suspect it wasn't in its original shell or indeed an RS/AVO shell. Yes, the year of shell was correct for the car. (there are early, mid & late spec Mk1 shells irrespective of being std or AVO) It had the chassis number stamped into the strut top. These are easy to swap over on to non AVO shells, as the top plate is exactly that, just a re-enforcing plate. Also the brake/clutch fluid reservoir was just screwed on when I first got the car. I think I rivited it on but kinda made it look like it was welded on. It also had a clutch cable bulkhead tube, which looked original for the shell, but I believe is incorrect for Mex, they're all hydraulic. But I was once informed that even some hyd clutch AVO shells had this tube. Dunno how true that is... it had all the other 49 bits exept for the studs in the boot floor. I was told they'd been cut off yrs ago by an uneducated person who thought they shouldn't be there!!! I think the exhaust hanger was wrong too...again should be Twink/RS1600 type. I did look at the gearlever appature, but can't remember my conclusion of that area... They can be made to look original with some effort as I did when I stuck a Pinto in my Mk2 Ghia. Thats reminded me, the gearbox x-member bolted thru the floor as most are when converted to 5 speed. Should have the 4 speed 2000E three rail box & hyd clutch. Can't remember if or where exactly the gbox x-member mounting fillets were. They should be further back on RS shells The battery tray wasn't the proper Twink type, but just a lashed up after thought. I don't remember the original holes for the original tray being there. But in fairness, the lower rear corners could ave been replaced at some point. To be honest though, I thought it seemed like a good, strong fairly original & unmolested shell. Had rear arches at some point done to a good standard. Bottom end was good spec 1700+cc, lairy cam, lightened/balanced etc. All fresh & strong! Let down by a standard head & carb at the time. Used to have the correct base model seats with vertical flutes, I think only the back seat remains. Worth having & improving if you aren't bothered about owning a 100% proper spec/original Mex.
  13. Good pics I owned this about 7 or 8 yrs ago
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