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  1. Haha, that's what I meant - not good for the back!
  2. If you mean the heater matrix, not so bad. You will need to be a bit bendy though, it is behind the heater controls on the bulkhead behind the dash. Good luck
  3. By "rocking" I mean exhaust valve closing and inlet valve opening, so the other cylinder is on the start of its power stroke. Cylinder 1 rocking - cylinder 4 at TDC, start of power stroke. I hope that makes sense. Paul
  4. Or get the valves on no1 cylinder "rocking" and adjust both valves on cylinder 4. Likewise. get valves on cylinder 2 "rocking" and adjust cylinder 3. Even easier and less engine turning and is just as accurate. Paul
  5. Just gently tap it home making sure it is perfectly "square" with the hole. Use a soft faced hammer so as not to damage the top of the pipe.
  6. Sorry mate I don't know. can you borrow a Vernier calliper and measure the size?
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