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  1. Just gently tap it home making sure it is perfectly "square" with the hole. Use a soft faced hammer so as not to damage the top of the pipe.
  2. Do they make them for Escorts?
  3. Sorry mate I don't know. can you borrow a Vernier calliper and measure the size?
  4. So would I, no point in making extra work for yourself
  5. I would also recommend a servo - just in case
  6. Okay good, what thickness do you think would be appropriate?
  7. I recently spotted a small area on the offside chassis rail that looked like it had bulged out a bit. The area is just forward of the engine cross member mount on the vertical surface on the inside of the engine bay. On investigation there is a section of approximately 6 inches x 2 inches that needs repairing. I have cut the bad bit out and realised that section is in two layers. Would it be suitable to butt weld in one thicker piece as to get in two thinner pieces is going to be a lot more difficult. I am fairly handy with a mig-welder as I have done a reasonable amount of welding in the past. Paul
  8. You are right, the sender should be block side of the thermostat. Where it is you won't get a reading until the thermostat opens - not ideal Paul
  9. Looks like a more modern version of the old 6 clock dash
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