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  1. You are right, the sender should be block side of the thermostat. Where it is you won't get a reading until the thermostat opens - not ideal Paul
  2. Looks like a more modern version of the old 6 clock dash
  3. That's a shame, I find those sort of problems interesting Paul
  4. My thoughts would be as you said, fit the outer sill first so that everything lines up correctly, then fettle the floor to match. Hope that helps. Paul
  5. 1300cc is a Kent engine so no difference in mk1 and mk2 Paul
  6. Thanks for trying, very helpful to others
  7. it's good that you now have it sorted. Paul
  8. Munch, out of interest, how much were you charged to re-upholster one recaro and repair the bolster supports? Paul
  9. Col, I got them fine mate, and they are perfect. I have been away for a few days that's why I haven't mentioned it before. Thanks again Paul
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