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  1. Thanks im getting 12v to the starter but still only 7v at the coil even when cranking ?
  2. So i got back on it today testing compression and checking i had 12 v at the coil. the switch live is reading 12v at the coil until i connect the poss and neg wires from the dizzy. It then reads about 7v same when cranking? could this be the dizzy electronic chip,some other part of the wiring or the ballast wire? i had another 12v switch wire to starter motor but no room for it on the new starter i put a jumper cable from battery poss to coil which then gave it the 12v and good spark. i also switched the leads on the dizzy 180 again a cap of fuel in the carb and she started sounded great. so the dizzy must be 180 out from the last owner but if i take it out and turn it the vacum part will be on the front and the wires coming out of the dizzy at the back? Does that sound right? so at the moment no1 lead now is front and left looking at the van from the front with the wires at the front vacum at the back i also found the fuel in oil problem. my carb is a copy webber but when running the floats not working. fuel fills the chamber then overflows down the carb flooding the engine. Not had chance to look at that yet and just need to sort the 12v to coil and should be good to go. it was so good to hear her run ?
  3. Thanks. Ive put new oil and filter on, checked the plugs for spark while they were out looked ok i think. Ive refitted them left the fuel disconected and sprayed abit of starter fluid down the carb. Turned it over still didnt try to fire up altho the engine now turns over twice the speed it did before. I ran out of time but should be back on it weds.
  4. Thanks vista im going to get some cheap oil in and turn it over a few times then drain it new filter and good oil
  5. I was also told to try putting abit of oil in the plug holes to make sure nothing was seized. Im thinking maybe when im trying to start it its having fuel and oil onto the plugs so not starting? Ive disconected the fuel line and sealed it off. Could i take out the plugs and turn the engine over to blow out any oil or crap from in the spark plug holes? Then clean plugs refit leave fuel off and spray some starter spray in the carb. Turn her over and see if she tries to start as not even trying at the moment just turning over. Does this sound ok? Could i leave the sump plug off for a few days for any fuel to evaporate? Anything that i shouldnt be doing? Im working this week so will be next weekend before i can get back onto it. Thanks guys i do appreciate your help and info
  6. So ive been on it today. The dizzy is the right way round may need slight ajustment to line up correctly. I wanted to sort the fuel leaking and checked the oil. It was way past the max level so i drained it. It ran out like water. The fuel ive been pumping for weeks must have found its way into the oil as it wasnt being burnt. Its then thinned the oil so started leaking out of any gaps it could find.
  7. Thanks guys will have another look at it today. I havnt had the dizzy out and it was running when i bought it altho it would take ages to get it started.
  8. Sorry i see what you mean. I will have a look Thanks
  9. So looking inside the cap i have an F and oposite that a 3 Number 1 plug is on the 3?
  10. Hi the dizzy cap only goes on 1 way round.ive tried moving the leads round 2 spots but still the same
  11. Looking at the front of the car with timing marks lined up. No 1 is on the right at the top. Rotor going clockwise
  12. I didnt move the dizzy when swapping the engine but have slightly ajusted it either way to see if it made a difference. Ive got a vac pipe from by the brake cylinder to inlet manifold and a small one from dizzy to carb. There are 2 others another by the dizzy and another on the inlet manifold but they are blocked off
  13. Hi ive swapped the 1.6 engine on my van for a 2.0 pinto with type 9 box. It was running before i removed it but now wont start. Ive fitted new battery to starter cable, new starter( from burtons), new coil, new dizzy cap, rotor, leads and plugs. Strong spark to dizzy, slightly weaker at plugs but still spark. When i press the throttle i can see fuel jetting into the carb. The engine turns over but doesnt even try to fire. When i pump the throttle cranking it somtimes pops thru the carb. It started the first time i tried but ran rough and white smoke out the exhaust before i let go of the throttle and it stopped. The leads were on the wrong way. Now fitted fire order 1342 but not been able to start it since. Ive noticed today that after cranking it that it is dripping fuel off the plate between the engine and gearbox? Its not near the fuel line could the pressure of cranking be pushing it out somwhere? Any help would be great ive spent a few weeks on it and not getting anywhere Thanks
  14. Hi so ive taken the 1.6 engine out of the mk2 escort van and am fitting the 2lt pinto and type 9. Ive got a relay near the starter. 1 of the wires is for the inhibitor brown with yellow stripe. The other inhibitor wire brown with black stripe is loose next to the relay. Should this be connected to it aswell or is it an earth? Do i just join the loose wire to the wire in the relay? Any help welcomed thanks Or if anyone could tell me the colour of the wires coming out of their relay on an auto escort.
  15. Hi so my 2.0 pinto has been running abit rough for a while and when i start it for the first time in the day it takes about a min to fire up. I had a look and its got a pertronix ignition in the dizzy and a flamethrower coil fitted by last owner. Ive checked the spark by removing the lead from the center of the dizzy. Its an orange spark. I used a meter on the coil. The small conections either side were 3.0 ohm and the main lead conection was just over 9. Does this sound right? I thought the conections either side should have only been about 1.5? Sorry if it sounds confusing im new to electrics lol
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