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  1. It's a nice clean look speed is fine for me
  2. This is like the 3rd differant thread you've posted for the same question! try asking in just one place for a start! i cant ber arsed to write it again so here's a link to one of your other threads on the same subject http://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/phpBB2/vi ... highlight=
  3. No they are differant and the input shaft on a v6 box is longer as well and will need machining down to fit, if it is the H/D V6 box an RS B/H will not fit without modifying it to clear the H/D bearing cover.
  4. bortaf


    Looking at google maps there isn't a number 9, 35 is a tower block and that's the first building on that road http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=UB3+3PF ... =en&tab=wl
  5. You recon they will try and sue the local council
  6. true thats one of the reasons banger racers run without an alt, that and there's less to fall off in a crash
  7. Basicly no, you may gain 3 to 5 BHP when removing a FIXED fad and replacing with a leccy one one but you'll gain bugger all if replacing a working viscouse fan As for the pump well there's no such thing as free pwoer the drag placed on the alt by having to produce enough charge to run the pump will more than likely be more than you save by removing the manual pump Ther's nothing wrong with the standard pump, as the rad is shut off by the stat there's no problem with it running all the time in delaying the warm up and TBH i'd rather have it that way you see nearly all the heat produced by the combustion process is in the head and without a flow of water it will take ages to transfer to the rest of the engine leading to hot areas and cold areas and thats what causes cracks and warps
  8. capri are 7 inch and firsta are 6 IF the seller can measure proppery which most can't, especialy on ebay
  9. Me mate has a set on a Mk3, look surprisingly good on it, i do lioke a dumlop on a Mk1 not so nice on a Mk2 IMHO, no idea why though? probably a childhood trauma still need to drop the lotus tag though, WAY too many items mis labled on here and the rest of the web pedantic i know, i blame me Mum she used to go mad when i called her laser alloys RS 4 spokes
  10. Be interesting to find out what they actually are cos they aint lotus cortina alloys
  11. Deffo more Mk2s about but there aree laods of Mk3s about mainly face lift ones but then they aint tax exempt there's a big differance in price between tax exempt and non tax exempt. check out teh Mk3 cortina owners club forum or buysellcortina
  12. They are all on BSC mate BUT a 2 door GT your looking at 4G pluss for a decent one IF there is one for sale that is, i sold a shell with nothing on it (2Dr GT) and i meen bothing on it including no boot floor or rear pannels for £500
  13. I used to get blasted for saying he was fine in car he could practise and practise in but stick him on a new track and he's in a ditch all the time, now it seems i was right all those topgear shows you could see hundreds of ols tyre marks where he'd been round the tracl learning it for days, rallying he's only soso IMHO.
  14. Mine too only just converted it to fooking diesel then they changed the LEZ to include all comercials even my little 1 TON pickup, after a twink sierra to break to change BACK to petrol now Only camper vans below 2.1 ton will be able to miss it or petrol vehical obv I might try for a truckman top and fit a bed and wardrobe and get it reclassified as a camper
  15. FWD escort and astrs racks mount on the bulkhead not the crossmember
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