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  1. wow great project there mate and even better wife i might add !! just get her to were some goggels when grinding tho !!! other wise she'll be a hot, but blind wife......it has its advantages but mainly not very good keep up the good work
  2. whats the condition of it ? get sum pics up or send me sum pics please !! find a liink to turbosport for loads of pics ,hard to find a more original car with only 21k from new http://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/phpBB2/vi ... hp?t=95083 id love to have the old girl off you but just haveint got the money or space reali she needs a good home !!
  3. east kent trim supplies will probably be able to help you with that they sell original spec rubbers or lenghts of differant shape and style rubbers to make your own www.classiccar-trim.com
  4. lovly mk1 mate , great base to start from !! as above ...needs to be lower
  5. yea man i know what ya sayin , its only there tempery just till i get me finger out n sod off me old break booster in favor fo the new bias pedel box, il then replumb it in where the booster used to be i have the fire extenguisher within hands reach for such firey probloms lol chears anyway mate , to meany nice cars have gone up in smoke due to thos probloms
  6. whats the condition of it ? get sum pics up or send me sum pics please !!
  7. yea its hammerite, under car chassis black , i thought sod it i can fished the engine bay another time , i just wanted it on he road for the summer time pinto ya wagon and get out in it !!! be worth ££££ in a lil while , DONT SELL IT !!! BTW THANKS FOR ALL THE NICE COMMENTS
  8. now thats proper old skool i love it , rare cars now days lets alone 1 in that condition !! great job mate
  9. chears for the nice comments guys !!! yea when i got the estate off shane i was given the option of the slots or haveing a set of diamond cut 4 spoke capri wheels , so i chose the slots as they seem different n suit the age !! also got a set of 8 or 9 inch wide slots for the rear , for just incase btw if any 1 has a set of mk 1 front doors laying around ( 2 door version not 4 door ) and wants to sell them please please pm me !! doesnt matter if they need some welding or reskining , i just need better 1s than the 1s that are on it currently
  10. oh and i forgot to say shes currently my daily runner !! witch can be funny due to the looks it gets !!
  11. hi every one , i started 2 resto threds last year but never finshed them due to time and work ect but anyway the old girl is now 90% ish finished, with only a few bits left on the list till shes a done, so iv taken a few snaps for if any one who is interested or can actually remember the car !! as the car is now on the road ! see what ya think its a 1978 mk 2 escort estate 1.3 L , originaly vanition red but now in radient red, its had both compleat floors , sills , inner sills , rear arches , gen ford front wings , bulkhead splash sheilds, drip rails, and all manner of patches hear there n everywhere , if you can find the resto threds then ul see the rot that was in this old girl !! its now 2in lower on genuine wolfrace wheels battery in spare wheel tub , washer tank under the dash , a standard 1600 with twin 40s off a lotus twink engine , fully polly bushed all round and generly just refurbished, nothing mega fancy just so its usable atm , iv got a 1660 waiting to go in , anti tramp bars and panhard rod to fit along with a break bias pedal box and depending on funds.....big plans for next year see what ya think
  12. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 0357056118 genuine compleat rear 1/4 on ebay , shame about the price tho
  13. sweet estate , pictures looks kinda familiur to me !! is this leeroy from J & R's ?
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