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  1. Can't believe how much kev has improved his times he ran 9 zeros yesterday,hopefully theres an 8 to come soon,well done kev
  2. Was a great day and i agree the club stand was cool. The motor that really caught my eye was the "grim reaper" Mk1 Transit tilt and slide recovery truck,wow that truck is so nice,anyone got a pic of this please?
  3. Thanks mate,i have just gone from a windows to apple pc and i haven't quite sussed out how to post pictures
  4. For sale Sierra Sapphire 205 block 2.0 Pinto and 5 speed box,mot ran out in February,clean car....really good engine and box. £500.....car is near Epsom Surrey M25 Junction 8 or junction 9,this car could go back on the road if you put an mot on it or use engine and box for you Escort,might be able to deliver locally.....ring Steve 07769-790913 anytime. I will try and add some pics if i can work out how to! IMG_1694.IMG_1690-1.jpg IMG_1694.jpg
  5. We need a few celebrity petrol heads to help with this fight,people like chris evans and jeff beck would be a good start.
  6. Steve Greens car is my favourite drag car,and i used to go to most rounds of the Rover Challenge. Check out this article on the challenge. http://www.ukdrn.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1717
  7. It was a great night. Video courtesy of Ashley Bell www.thespectator.piczo.com
  8. Whats the best way to cut them? Thanks Chevy.
  9. Hope this is in the right place. Does anyone know how to remove the 5th gear cog on a Cosworth T5 Gearbox? Is there a special tool for the job? Also where can i purchase a new 5th gear cog as ours has a bit broken off? Cheers Chevy.
  10. I remember Steve Green had a crash back in 1993 that sounds a bit like Micks crash. Steve was nearing the finish line in his mental mk1 tina when it popped a core plug and the water went under the left rear tyre resulting in a big barrel roll,the car crossed the line at 124mph upside down and didn't stop for about 200 yards. The car was totalled but Steve was very lucky to exit ok. He built a new car and came back to run faster times and sure Mick will do the same.
  11. That car looks meaner than a junkyard dog! Dont paint it,it looks bad ass unpainted. I don't normally like those sort of wheels i like steels but they look really good and fill the arches out a treat,and the car sits real nice. Good work mate.
  12. http://www.boggbros.co.uk/fabrication.html
  13. Thanks james,do bogg bros sell the carbs if so what sort of money?
  14. We are using the standard ecu,that is why i want old style carbs rather than throtte bodies to start off with. Is this manifold an st170 one modified or is it a custom jobbie? and do you think this would work with the older style bike carbs? http://images.google.co.uk/imgres?imgur ... tart%3D100 its the plastic one near the bottom of the page £149.99
  15. Thank James,do you know if the ST170 inlets fit both silver top and black top Zetecs?? and how much they sell for?
  16. i was looking at a set of four firblade carbs on e-bay,so i take it that they can be seperated into 4 single carbs and you would have to get modified linkeges??
  17. Thanks mightysprocket,are these carbs normal carbs as i don't want to get involved in throttle bodies i just want simple carburation that does not involve messing around with ecu's etc?
  18. Does anyone know if there is an inlet manifold on the market that you can bolt quad bike carbs onto a Zetec?? Also what carbs would you sugest using? Because if there is not one available off the shelf i know a cnc machinist who is up for playing about and seeing what he can do.
  19. Thanks for that sierra1off,i'am a wheelchair user and i have been paying since i became disabled in 2001,i don't think they have any signs up to say that tax exempt cars are free?
  20. Any news from Brighton yet,how did James get on and any other old skool fords that were racing??.
  21. Have you ever had any trouble from the police whilst towing with your A-Frame??,because i thought they were only to be used for recovery use only. But having said that i have seen many Winnebago's towing a small car behind (usually a Nissan Micra) on a A-Frame.
  22. I think this meeting could turn into something really special given time,once the word goes around. Would be a perfect meetintg place for old skool fords as Brooklands is definatley the coolest venue in the country,you can just feel the history of the place as soon as you drive in. I visit Brooklands about 6 times a year for different avents they hold there,as it's fairly local for me,and i never get bored with the place. What do others think?.
  23. Another thing i hate about speed bumps is they cant do your suspention/steering geometry any favours. I also hate it when people get right on your back bumper because you slow down to about 5mph so you don't do any damage to your car. I can't believe how fast some muppets drive thier cars over speed humps,some people don't seem to slow down at all,i would not wan't to buy a car that has been abused like that would you?.
  24. I think that a lot of the autojumble sellers now sell most of their parts etc on e-bay?,so every year the autojumble seems to get smaller. Also like already mentioned the price of petrol/diesel probably stopped a lot of people attending with show cars,but i thought that there were not that many people walking around the show either. The Paegent has definatly lost something in the last 3 or 4 years,but unless you have to travel hundreds of miles to get there it is still a great day out and i will be going back next year!.
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