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  1. Cheers guys, I think he is gonna sell, just needs a kick up the backside to make a decision.
  2. My mate is thinking of selling his MK1, any ideas what it would be worth? Its a 4 door with a 1700 crossflow on bike carbs, 5 speed, Peter Lloyd exhaust. spax springs and shox, single de-cambered leafs. Really solid in the right places doesn't need any welding, a couple of bubbles starting on the doors, needs a general tidy. Any ideas?
  3. Has anyone had any issues with H&H distributors retarding themselves, Mine keeps retarding itself over a couple of weeks. The distributor isnt moving and the drive pulley is still timed the same as the cam pulley, so the only way it can retard is internally. Any ideas?
  4. My mate runs the Triumph TR register and he invited me to there annual driving skills day, Kicked there asses for the 3rd year running!
  5. Just a few pics i took
  6. I'm gonna be leaving Leicester around 6.30, the Q is always huge! should get in around 7.45
  7. Lovely looking car bigjohn Cheers matey!
  8. bigjohn

    60ft Time

    Ah, cool. My first go at it was 2.3003, so about right then
  9. Bit left field but i like Signal red on a mk2 RS2000 or MK5 Cortina GLS
  10. bigjohn

    60ft Time

    Just wondering what a good 60ft time is for a road car on road tyres?
  11. 1. Posse x1 2. Mk2 Mike x2 tickets and 1 stand pass 3. banarama x1 4. Cos30 x1 5.TERRY WATTS 1987 X2 6.dannysmk1 x2 7. Danmk2 x2 8. leecccmk1 x2 9. SebringRS x1 10. skippy x2 11. Lurch914 x4 12. Blackbird x2 13. Damien1969josh 14. Cdeane74cdeane74 15. Savvi x2 16. Rakas17 x2 17. Mk2Ed x3 stand passes 18. Rossmk2 x1 19. MK2 Harrier x1 20. Bigjohn x2 1 stand pass 21. mk1seymoore x1 1 stand pass
  12. I think if i was going to do it i would use a different car, i dont want to wreck this one
  13. I really liked the white mk1 escort on a trailer, space framed and it sat really nicely, & soon to have 2.6 v8 twin busa engine. It looked stunning!
  14. First time down it was a bit nerve wracking, those lights change awful quick. It was both one of the best things and the worst things at the same time. It was such a buzz getting off the line and trying not to fluff gear changes. BUT I'm now thinking what can I strip off the car, I need an LSD, and a bigger engine or. a Turbo. Argh!
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