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  1. Looked at the capacities but couldn't get a definitive answer (not hearsay) so might just wing the sump anyway
  2. Always one of my favourite cars/builds. Good call Paul
  3. Definitely for a 4 door. The main floor is identical but the 4 door (as danish says) has the corners of the back seat cut off and the rear seat crossmember has extra bits that are covered by the triangle bits of carpet. Would make excellent luxury jack pads
  4. As with other trolls in the past there's a fine line between banter and deliberate trouble making. When this includes personal messages and deliberately insulting OSF staff members then the red button gets pressed
  5. The faces should be flat, the 'o' ring will make the seal without the carb actually touching the manifold
  6. Another way is to add new chassis sections inside the car (ie available parts upturned and switched left to right) and then removing the sections underneath. There would be plenty of fabrication needed as well I'm guessing its the escort estate?
  7. Better tell the old man to pull his finger out then
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