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  1. Don't be so jealous. the 4 days lead up were all 40+ degrees C and the day was a refreshing 33....... But you need to make it out next year! Sunday the 7th of February......bring shorts sunglasses a hat....and some cash to ship back some parts. Simon
  2. Great report on Small Ford Sunday. I have to thankyou for a grat spread on this years event. The RSOC of Victoria thankyou. I hope the shots John took on sunday are as good! Simon Oh, thats me, pg 59 on the right, the bloke in the middle with the clip board!
  3. It took out best Competition car. thanks for coming on the day! Simon
  4. I have just woken up from another hot Day here in Australia, after the RS Owners Club of Victoria http://www.rsocvic.com Annual Small Ford Sunday. As the tempreture reached 33.8 degrees C. and it was rather dry from the previous days of 40+. Alas a great turn out and plenty of cars to eye over with a great mix of the old school and the jelly moulds etc... Pics will be up on the website ASAP but for now check http://www.cortina-mk1.com/gallery.php Under 2009 Small Ford Day Simon
  5. I received my issue in the mail last night. Gave Tim a call and he came over and was chuffed. Loved the photos and the article. Good to see some more Aussie cars. Simon
  6. Check out the photos from a great event. http://www.cortina-mk1.com/gallery.php Small Ford Day 2008 http://classicford.mine.nu/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=13771&whichpage=3 Simon
  7. What great day was had by all. Shame you missed out. Wasn't all that hot. About 26 We had over 200 cars turn up for the day and it was a huge success. http://classicford.mine.nu/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=13771&whichpage=3 have a look at some pics. I'll try to get some from a better link if I can. Simon
  8. I have used a kin from Donjer out of the USA and it works quite well. I have done some Alloy door cards for my old Mk1 and a Parcel shelf. Mk2 dash was done, but it was cracked and didn't work out too well, it kept on cracking. http://www.donjer.com/suedetex/product.htm You can order what ever colour you desire. Simon
  9. No need to worry got through yesterday. Sorry to hear aobut the floods while it's aobut 25-30 degrees C. Simon
  10. Mr HPE, I'm putting a kent 1600 in my Mk1.an have a few questions about how you bolt them together. Do you use ARP bolts for the rods and head? (doesn't look like it but??) The accessory bolts, are they standard ones? Do you go for new stuff? What type of head gasket do you use? May be a bit of a secret but do you fit a crank scraper? Any tips for the Assembly? I ask because my motor I have fitted new pistons, standard rods, the crank is 10thou oversize. The block has been zeroed to the piston height, and running a Wade (Australian) camshaft similar to a piper285. As I'm painti
  11. I need to pay for my subscription and need to call up and pay. What is the best time of day to do it? I keep getting the machine........It's quater to one in the morning as I type. Simon
  12. Thanks for getting me another issue. Forgot to post when it arrived. New issue got here also, good work! Simon
  13. Hey Guys I wanted to know who I would have to talk to about my subscription issue not turning up? Simon Melbourne Australia.
  14. It's not till February 2008. We can organise a bed and a good feed, a few trips to various Ford based Establishments as well as a few stops at the various pubs along the way. Plus it'll be hot, and I do mean HOT, not your 22 degree kind of hot, but more like 35-40 kind of hot! Simon
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