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  1. Is there anyone out there who would be willing and able to finish off the restoration of my MK 2 Escort? It has been dry stored for the past 7 years or so and is over half way complete. There has been extensive welding and panel work done on it already (the front end has been totally rebuilt) and i have many parts waiting to get fitted to it, including a fibre glass bonnet and tailgate, uprated brakes and discs, qwik-rack, custom interior, etc. The guy that was working on it before, just doesn't have the patience or the time anymore to be able to complete it. It needs a serious pair of hands on it to finish it and a fair bit of commitment (which i don't have right now!) I have access to a car trailer, so transporting it wouldn't be a problem. If your in the Glasgow area (or beyond) and have the experience, patience and knowledge of restoring old MK 2's then geez a shout please. Any offer considered.
  2. Think majority rules with this one!!! Thanx for the help guys
  3. Cheerz for that lads Much obliged......
  4. Am putting a 2.4 quick rack on my Mk 2 Escort and will be renewing the track rod ends. Will it be RS spec. rod ends that i'll have to buy for it, or will it just be the bog standard ones that i'll need? Just want to double check b4 i buy!
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