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  1. Cheers mate for the reply,the car at the moment is garaged so ill try and get down to take a photo of the carb.
  2. Hi guys been ages since iv posred. As the title guys my dads got a mk 1 3.0 auto and we want to strip and rebuild the card im pretty sure its a single webber. But im not sure if its a 38 or 36. Any help would be great on part numbers and the best place to get a rebuild kit and flo jets. Cheers Dave.
  3. Nice motor mate clear lenses make a ton of difference to the front end
  4. the insurance company have scraped me car so check out the sales part as ill be brakein it
  5. ^ there cool the others all looked like a fookin focus
  6. nice 1 tone looks good mate just needs lowerin me tinks
  7. waste of time an d money if ya ask me ,there over payed for old rope
  8. i love it http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Ford-Fiesta-xr2-3 ... 286.c0.m14 also lookin for a s i e r r a s a p h cossie rep if any1 knws of 1
  9. well done wessie mate thats the 1 thank you
  10. its a forum like osf it just has cossies capris escorts lol ill hav you knw my avitars cool
  11. i need help guys all i can remember is that its for all type of ford HELP ME
  12. gutted guys he is insured tho might be time to get rid need sumtin more practical now any way now iv got a baby comein still gutted tho
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