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  1. Welcome back [emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Lighting all installed and looking like a sun bed shop !! Shelving all erected .painting all done .......... Which means in 3 weeks it's gone from a completely burnt out shell to a fully functioning new & spacious workshop . WPE is open for business [emoji106]
  3. Floor painting today [emoji3]
  4. More progress made today .. Walls & ceiling painted, lights up ready to be connected & shelving is being adapted to fit a specific area for parts [emoji106]
  5. I can assure you that there will be no BBQ held at WPE [emoji15][emoji15][emoji12]
  6. In 2 weeks it's gone from a burnt out disaster to nearly a fully functioning workshop . We've had a fantastic regular team on board who have worked hard at achieving this . One more week to install the electrics .. Bit of paint then WPE will be open for business [emoji106]
  7. Spent 3 days so far clearing the workshop & yard . About 6/7 tons of fire / smoke / water damaged stuff has been loaded onto lorries. But we have made tremendous progress and the rebuilding of the workshop can begin later this week.
  8. Mrs O/H/C

    Snowwwww ...

    Same as Jo.. Been on alert throughout the last 2 nights but alas not a single flake [emoji20]
  9. Aaaaaww... How very sad [emoji20][emoji20]
  10. Mrs O/H/C


    Still showing the Audi [emoji20] I'm hoping that they either change tapatalk back or at least make it similar to how it was as seriously disliking the new upgrade !
  11. Mrs O/H/C


    Also disliking the updated version of Tapatalk on the iphone .
  12. Mrs O/H/C


    I also have the Audi [emoji15][emoji15][emoji15]
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