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  1. An old thread, but what the hell, any excuse for a few pics....Used and not so abused this last weekend at the Classics on the sea front - Southend........Weather was kind of ok, but fooking windy, but a few nice old motors dotted about - Mine, Munches and Munches car fwiend.....who parked next door.....
  2. Just read all of that thinking it was a new thread, thinking how cool. Then going through the replies see that I read it the first time around and comented, and i don't remeber reading it or commenting on it back then....getting old ffs... Cool story though, glad I have seen it again.
  3. This issue is normally resolved by removing the steering wheel from your pants......It's ok i'll wait.............
  4. Very nice mate, I like the squares too. Welcome to OSF....
  5. Ridiculous fab skills, but yeah few hundred k i reckon, some rich singer, rapper... What a toy though....
  6. Nice, is that the one I followed to the first tour of the moor, 2017 I think?....
  7. 27 years and counting, I have had her longer than the Mrs and my 3 daughters. But as mentioned above, because of family life, she ended up tucked away in 98 and never surfaced again properly on the road until 2017 - The first real test being the first tour of the moor that year. I think I certainly appreciate her a lot more because of the long stint, she is part of the family, a Stephens through and through, even on an S plate........ Old Fords, whats not too love? Used and enjoyed.....
  8. Caught the first two shows, short and sweet, and all about the cars - not bad. Also learned a little about the cars that I never knew before.
  9. Very nice, RS looks great in orange. You have her garaged, that is the only way to keep an old car these days IMHO. Just keep her secret, work on her behind closed doors, make sure said doors are well secured, and enjoy...
  10. Welcome Stefan. That is a lovely picture of the car and the pretty buildings in the background....
  11. Munch, perhaps we should both try and make the next one, assuming all is good and there is one in 2020? I made 2017, it is a fantastic campsite that they use.
  12. https://www.wikihow.com/Fit-a-Tow-Bar-to-Your-Car
  13. Really hope you get her back, I absolutely detest theiving scum - should be put out of their misery when caught.
  14. Hmm, maybe not. Looks as though they maybe all black to start and then the shiney face revealed as the black is all over other than the shiney face. Probably a really good way to protect the rest of the wheels, and they do look quality, but no good if you don't want the black.
  15. As Col has already said, they are very popular so they must be ok. I have seen a few sets in person and they are lovely looking wheels and even brand new with tyres, they are a nice price I think. Although it does seem a shame to have to buy brand new just to blast and redo them. Ask JBW, they may not paint a set if you ask, you can't be the only person who doesn't want the black inserts. Nice Mex by the way.... At a glance, what makes it a replica, or at a glance would you not know the difference?
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