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  1. No idea mate, just found it, it made me laugh so I thought I would share. And seeing as Colin's car get's a lot of love, and he's from oop narth, I am hoping he won't cry..........but if he does....bonus.....😂😂
  2. I was going to say "we've all been there...." but then thinking about it.........I think col has it spot on above......😂
  3. FBHVC - not to be a kill joy, but not sure how they would class that as essential travel? Nice idea, but be amazed if they do not change their stance on this one.....
  4. Reminds me of the film "The Fly" as he starts to change.....
  5. Nice 944, those wheels really suit it as well, very
  6. Shit loads of cash to make it look effing hideous. Loads of money, zero class.....
  7. How you getting your cars there Ray, and is that Sunday 21st June? Was going to offer my services if you needed a hand, but I think I am already booked up for 21st....
  8. And the NEC.... and the weather cannot affect that one.............
  9. Never thought about it like that, still, cheaper than the penis enlargement pills the wife sent me in for.......
  10. Boots, 28p for a Chicken BLT sandwich, use by today, eaten today - and I am still living. And the fact it was 28p, it hasn't gone to waste, and I wasn't even looking for a sandwich - I think made taste even that little bit sweeter. Damn, it's good to be me right now......
  11. Likewise Gary, take care mate, and hopefully catch up with you and the blue pearl in 2020....
  12. 72 views, no replies.......
  13. Nice one Tony, you have a good Christmas.....
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