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  1. Yep, both of those are fooking cool, really loving the 70's mustard yellow one......😎
  2. That is absolutely spot on - MK2's don't get much better than that......😎
  3. Yeah, definitely suits some colours better than others. The black mk2 RS2K's, the black and silver really suits them I think. Other colours, of all cars, less so though. only my opinion obviously....😁
  4. I am hooked on watching Millyard videos now, clever bloke really doesn't cut it. Some insane brain and engineering skills the fella has, King amazing.....😎
  5. Because our DVLA is run by idiots. Other than the colour, there is no reason what so ever, they are all the same size and do exactly the same job....🤔
  6. Can't argue with much of what Katana has quoted above, all makes a lot of sense. With regards Classic cars, I personally would rather not own one than have to convert it to run as an electric car. There is nothing quite like the sound of a well drilled Pinto, V6, V8, cossie, the list goes on and on, and that is a massive part of the attraction, for me anyway. I could just listen to a decent engine and it will make me smile. I have been to shows where a guy will start up his American 6.2 litre V8 and just let it slowly idle, and the sound just makes me smile, some times even laugh - there is no
  7. Voodoo57, I know the road - you still relatively local, and more importantly - do you still have the Escort?.....👍
  8. S for snap-on or shite?........😄
  9. Just take some bread, you can use the snap on toaster.....😄
  10. Yep, if it were mine and I could get it stitched up, I would go for that option. Seems way to nice for a recover. as Katana mentioned, only original once....😎 From the pic above, think it looks great.
  11. Nice wheel, and it really (from the pic) doesn't look that bad....👍
  12. Looks awesome mate, a job really well done - I personally, wouldn't change a single thing......😎
  13. Is that every Sunday until it all turns shite for Winter, or just Sunday past?
  14. I thought about it, as it is quite close, but I have a feeling it will be an ST and RS Focus, fiesta fest, which is ok, but not really my thing.
  15. Although quite well executed, again, WHY? Why not just buy an old audi TT, looks very similar and a lot less work?.....People are funny....😂
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