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  1. Just take some bread, you can use the snap on toaster.....😄
  2. Yep, if it were mine and I could get it stitched up, I would go for that option. Seems way to nice for a recover. as Katana mentioned, only original once....😎 From the pic above, think it looks great.
  3. Nice wheel, and it really (from the pic) doesn't look that bad....👍
  4. Looks awesome mate, a job really well done - I personally, wouldn't change a single thing......😎
  5. Is that every Sunday until it all turns shite for Winter, or just Sunday past?
  6. I thought about it, as it is quite close, but I have a feeling it will be an ST and RS Focus, fiesta fest, which is ok, but not really my thing.
  7. Although quite well executed, again, WHY? Why not just buy an old audi TT, looks very similar and a lot less work?.....People are funny....😂
  8. Surely Darwinism would have already wiped that lot out? Although they must be quite clever to think of so many things to be stuck up ones arse......😂 People, scary and hilarious at the same time.
  9. I would be glad to pop along, especially Basildon way as I am not a million miles away.....👍
  10. Exactly, looks the nuts, and love the Cibies....😎
  11. Sweet car though, look forward to seeing it up close and personal.....😎
  12. Poor bloke must be devastated. I King hate thieves, really hope the owner gets this back somehow.
  13. No idea mate, just found it, it made me laugh so I thought I would share. And seeing as Colin's car get's a lot of love, and he's from oop narth, I am hoping he won't cry..........but if he does....bonus.....😂😂
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