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  1. You stalking me? I'm just bumping the thread to see if we get some more visitors this year...
  2. Cheers notenoughtime. Not really the right forum for the SC, otherwise I would. Cool as she is, she ain't an old ford. Only got away with putting her pics up cos of your thread.......
  3. I think the XJ220 is a very cool car, good looks and now super rare. And love the Montecarlo Vista, just a gorgeous looking motor that one.... Current state of the SC, getting there but it all takes time and money, and I am trying to do as much as I can myself, except the final coat of paint. The back end is ready, the front still a work in progress, but all welding is now complete. I am really hoping she's good to go for Spring 2020. Oh, and the welding skills are my mates, and when he's not welding for me he on his 2.8i special.
  4. Should be a 6 car stand again this year, with a nice MK2 Lotus Cortina added to the clan - Please pop by and say hello. Grab your discounted tickets with club code CC6623.
  5. No doubt not everyones cup of tea, and it would have to be after a fairly decent lottery win, but if I had the funds a 959 is my dream machine. Rare and classy.... Once my SC is back on the road, hope to see one in the flesh at some shows if i am lucky....
  6. I think lack of interest stems from the amount of new cars involved as opposed to uncertain times.
  7. In the very top picture, that is actually Ray in that submarine....
  8. Should be a 5 car stand again this year, with a nicw MK2 Lotus Cortina added to the clan - Please pop by and say hello. Grab your discounted tickets with club code CC6623.
  9. And why paint it red, narrows your market to only red car likers....
  10. Best way is to try one one. Usually a negative offset gives the wheel the nice dish street side and not too much behind the hub. Positive offset means more dish behind the wheel. Little diagram below, gives the idea - you should be able to grab the measurements from your hub centre and work ou roughly where the wheel rim will come in respect of your arches.
  11. It has helped preserve Munches R..eal S..low 2000 with a layer of oil....
  12. Lancaster Insurance Classic car show - NEC 2019 As above ladies and gents, from 8th to 10th November 2019. 3000 Classic cars on show, 300 vehicle clubs, all indoors so weather never an issue. The club is again flying the OSF flag at the famous NEC classic car show, please come along and support and say hello to the stand. OSF members ticket discount code will be available in the members area as usual.
  13. That estate woody wagon is sweet, and who knew Porsche wheels would suit, they look great!!
  14. Those door handles certainly get around....
  15. Can't really miss the red and gold angle box, very distinctive.....
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