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  1. stephens_xpack

    Raising the Insurance Value of my Escort

    But all joking a side, what make was it?
  2. stephens_xpack

    1300E resto

    That is a nice front shot, I like those shaped headlights. Very nice mate, I will sort out a date with munch and Nick (if he wants to) to pop over and meet you again for a cuppa and a chat about anything and nothing, as long as it is cars....
  3. stephens_xpack

    Just plain wrong!

    Liking the pink Crapi, I could do with a few more inches.
  4. stephens_xpack

    Just plain wrong!

    2 door limo....wtf?
  5. stephens_xpack

    1300E resto

    Weathered plates on cars that have obviously never seen a road? The rest of the cars are absolutely pristine, why weather the plates?..... All p1ss taking a side mate, they are a couple of great cars, museum pieces of the future I reckon, gorgeous.
  6. stephens_xpack

    Just plain wrong!

    Yeah, seems you are at least 22 short......amateur.....
  7. stephens_xpack

    Just plain wrong!

    Put those Corsa boys to shame....
  8. stephens_xpack


    Thanks, and yes they are...
  9. stephens_xpack


    All done with my own fair hands, bit of fine wet and dry but mostly lots of fairy liquid and fine wire wool. Paint is still from refurb back in around 95/96ish.... As are the tyres......
  10. stephens_xpack

    Just plain wrong!

    Putting the thread back on track....Proper bug....
  11. stephens_xpack

    This made me laugh

    Funny you should say that mate. When I showed the Mrs the photo of our cars sat side by side at the services car park on the way to the NEC this year, she said, and I quote "I don't like the black Capri as much"...... Obviously she's a keeper....
  12. stephens_xpack

    Is this a ford thing

    Maybe for strength. I have been told, but don't quote me on it, that even later on in RS Cosworth models, that Ford used expanding foam on certain parts of the shell to help strengthen certain areas?
  13. Oh well, you'll just have to drive one of them then.....
  14. Hall 5 re-union..... Better keep hold of that trailer Ray boy.....