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  1. Munch, there are a couple of vids on you tube of the 2017 and 2018 Battlesbridge shows, and they got your good side.... Not sure which one...
  2. Wow, that Fiesta looks the tits, is it road legal as well, as I notice the plates? What a little monster.......
  3. Very slick Ra, you should see the front of the mk2 RS with the dodgy seats, covered in the stuff - lucky it's black.....
  4. Very nice mate, as others have said - stuff people and their opinions, most who walk around old cars picking them apart don't actually have one of their own, mostly jealousy. The OSF mob are pretty cool, not a lot of snobbery here. Cracking choice of old Ford, do love a Capri.....
  5. Thanks for posting, sounds like a great day out, not to be missed if you have a Capri. Only 50 once....
  6. Although it looks as though there is no plan and is being made up as it goes a long, it turned into this. Which still isn't great but each to their own I suppose..... Seems to have a purpose of sorts....
  7. People are fooking mental, that is just a pile of Escort shaped rust......crazy.
  8. That is a nice front shot, I like those shaped headlights. Very nice mate, I will sort out a date with munch and Nick (if he wants to) to pop over and meet you again for a cuppa and a chat about anything and nothing, as long as it is cars....
  9. Liking the pink Crapi, I could do with a few more inches.
  10. Weathered plates on cars that have obviously never seen a road? The rest of the cars are absolutely pristine, why weather the plates?..... All p1ss taking a side mate, they are a couple of great cars, museum pieces of the future I reckon, gorgeous.
  11. Yeah, seems you are at least 22 short......amateur.....
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