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  1. stephens_xpack

    Refurbishing 7.5 4 spokes

    I think a lot depends on colour of car they going on, but if they not going on anything, hard to say really. These are mine, but they on a white car, and they have been like this forever.
  2. stephens_xpack

    number plates

    I think Tippers also supply the digits if you want Ray, below are the style they use and the 1 is more of straight line as you mentioned. I know the below style of plates may not be exactly what you need, more to just show the 1 digit.
  3. stephens_xpack


    Coolest Fiesta I have seen in a while, proper machine that - love it....
  4. Very nice Ray, great keep sakes to have of the shows....
  5. stephens_xpack

    Wanted Mk2 Escort Fiddly Trim Bits

    That is lovely. Bit weird though why they mixed the chrome strips, handles and locks with the black.
  6. stephens_xpack

    Suddenly, I'm bursting for one

    Surely if in a gay bar, it would put you right off having a pee - they defo the legs and rear of a female. Also hasten to add that if in a straight lav, not that helpful either, as difficult to pee straight while it's twitching......
  7. stephens_xpack


    Never noticed Ray, that someone must have caught you thanking Col for the gearbox work and then blew it up into a big picture behind your car?.......
  8. stephens_xpack


    Each to their own and all of that, but Yugo Zastava - now that's pretty......WTF? Bet he supports Spurs as well, lemon.....
  9. stephens_xpack


    Oh it was released, to try and work out where all the oil was leaking from.... Anyway, I thought you were hardcore - hardly worth the tickets for the half hour you were there for.....
  10. stephens_xpack

    Street Outlaws ...

    The yanks have always done things big and properly. Makes anything we chuck out embarrassing.
  11. stephens_xpack

    Lancaster Insurance Classic car show - NEC 2018

    Wow, these really are a hard sell, and i'm not even selling.... - still a few for Friday and Saturday ladies and gents. getting late to post to post out, but will gladly meet any takers outside the arena on the day..
  12. stephens_xpack

    1300E resto number 2

    No one likes a show off Ray, FFS ! ..... I'll be lucky if my tyres get me to Birmingham.
  13. stephens_xpack

    Lancaster Insurance Classic car show - NEC 2018

    I also have a couple of spare tickets for both the Friday and Saturday if anyone is interested in a good day out. First come first served. Cheers, Kellye.
  14. stephens_xpack

    Street Outlaws ...

    Wow, job perks don't get much cooler than that Jo. And that farm truck cracks me up, but what a beast....
  15. Girls and guys, This coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday is the largest collection of car clubs all at one show, in the world I do believe - especially inside - at least that is what the show hosts claim. Yet again there is an OSF stand at this show with members cars on display - feel free to come and say hello should you be at the show. Cheers, Kellye.