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  1. Nice pic. Did the motors get a lot of attention?
  2. Be sure to come over and say hello, Miniliteman....👍
  3. Come on ladies and gents, all tickets brought using our code, does help a little towards the club if the code is used enough. With all being locked up for 18 months, hopefully a few more of us than usual are chomping at the bit for a mega car show, and being indoors means the weather cannot kill it - and there is something cool about the NEC Classic car show, just a great day - or four for us......😎
  4. Always seems like it would be a good weekend, and almost made it a few years back. Is there a good number of old motors or are there way too many newer motors on show? I think the later was the reason we ditched it in the end, thinking it was mostly newer cars? Loving the green estate.....😎
  5. She is a stunning Capri mate, that rear end shot.....😍 Great colour, and beautiful interior - always great to see another Capri out and about, brilliant.
  6. Great build thread, just read from start to finish, great to see what it started out as to how she currently stands, and who doesn't love a 16 sport. You'll have a stunning ride when finished, proper head turner and conversation starter - it'll take you ages to actually get anywhere.....😎
  7. Looking forward to it Ray, the stand is going to look really good this year, with the effort you have put in - should be a fun 4 days........😎
  8. Wow, that looks like it will be a stunner when complete. Always good to see another Crapi in the gang.....😎 Look forward to checking out the build pics as you go.....👍
  9. CCS710 Gets oldskoolford members a bit of a discount.
  10. Looks like that could be half tidy Col, if the weather is kind. With one night camping so you can have a beer and a laugh in the evening....😎 But to answer your question, I have not been.
  11. Nice pics. And I noticed the tit in the Focus with their door open way too close to the Harrier......there is always one....🙄
  12. That is a very pretty RS2K, great colour.....😎
  13. I started a thread for using and abusing the old cars we all have, it just died a death - it seems we all have them, but no one drives them anymore....shame. when I am out in her, I will post.....😎
  14. Yep, both of those are fooking cool, really loving the 70's mustard yellow one......😎
  15. That is absolutely spot on - MK2's don't get much better than that......😎
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