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  1. how do you get onto drag mode?
  2. they really are a great car our 850R is 12 years old this year and can still crack 150mph (on a private road) in the last 6 years all its needed were a pair of wishbones and a throttle cable
  3. absoloutley pissing rain here
  4. we have a 03 V70R a 97 850R and a 96 T5 estate all extremely reliable and fast as fook! cheep hp for the money IMO
  5. old toyotas rwd starlets,corolla gt coupes etc
  6. in taking mine out but they do stop you wearing the edge of your seat getting in and out
  7. boot carpet rear bumper NOS front bumper irons rear RS2k custom doorcards wheel bearings and bargain of the day 3 brand new GRP4 fit 8x13 minilite type wheels for 95 pound!
  8. thank god!my first time going this year cant wait!finished school for the summer on thursday and off to the pod saturday
  9. RWDmad

    Try this

    haha thats mad i got 3
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