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  1. m1c


    i been there before, good display of tents
  2. i got a handy 'real hide IP' program which works well for anyone banned by IP address want it?
  3. wonderin if its the same forum ive just had a 1 day posting ban from i asked for a measurement on something.... a mod made some sarcy comment on doing it myself so i replied with something crappy back.... and thats it, a 1 day ban! fookin site run by nazis i tell yer
  4. pixresizer is a good little program for yer pc should you feel the urge to edit a few pics quickly click me to check it out
  5. suppose its gonna be the same for any OSF..... if you wanted to uprate from leafsprings, whats the best way? coilovers?
  6. m1c

    photoshop help

    im tryin to design a logo for a website, its nearly complete but needs a bit of tweaking..... anyone got a few minutes to have a look and fix please?! cheers
  7. For my BlackBerry forum i wanted something different and as its RIM, i was thinking about rimmers.co.uk untill i thought about it
  8. cos im an impatient twat i didnt wait and save a few more quid for a capri, i bought the 2nd choice car that my budget allowed: a suzuki sj. dont get me wrong its cool for what it is but i dont go off road. ah bollox.
  9. my dads bigger than yours
  10. my old school uniform was great - grey trousers, white shirt and a red tie. whether you bought the best armari stuff or the standard school shop stuff, everyone looked the same. Bullying exists in every school in some form or another, why open the scope even more with shit like rich vs poor, townies vs emos etc etc etc?? wearing a school uniform isnt much differnce than wearing a works uniform - who goes to work in a suit and changes when they get home? how many mechanics wear the same overalls whilst watching tv in the evening? first thing i do when i get home is take off the hi-vis clot
  11. thats a fookin long trip if its via Brighton
  12. what did he actually do to be sent back in?
  13. http://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/phpBB2/vi ... p?t=112691
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