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  1. turnover

    So.. I need the advice of the collective.

    Friendly mot tester and obviously use the Granada registration
  2. turnover

    Mk2 Granada consort

    And the price?
  3. turnover

    So.. I need the advice of the collective.

    If you want a nice drive comfort,performance all the bells and whistles,why not fit the body around the chassis you want,a friend of mine bought a rolled Audi rs4 and put mk2 Granada over it ,so left everything on inside etc underbonnet but drove like and rs4 with the looks of a classic granny,four wheel drive and 420hp ,just got to make sure the wheel base is very close and width and anything can be done,heated electric seats sat navy etc ahhh bisto πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
  4. turnover

    Street Outlaws ...

    Nice one
  5. turnover

    CHANGES FOR 2019

    must be a yes then seeing as made 1987/88
  6. turnover

    CHANGES FOR 2019

    Fairy muff ,but will still come along when it’s done see a few old faces ,two years too new 😒😒 Wait does that mean you can use Sapphire Cosworth ?
  7. turnover

    CHANGES FOR 2019

    So can I bring an escort cosworth with an age related plate ,let’s call it a prototype 🀫
  8. turnover

    2019 CF Show - Mallory Park

    Pre 96 sounds good πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  9. turnover

    2019 CF Show - Mallory Park

    Plenty of shows the osfdc attend get your name down
  10. turnover

    2019 CF Show - Mallory Park

    See if I can get my new skool ford ready in time πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  11. turnover

    2019 CF Show - Mallory Park

    Mallory is two miles from me and let’s just say it sits in the village of Mallory,typical village ,small with houses leading to the entrance of the race track,and believe me if you aren’t there early the traffic is a nightmare all little country lanes leading to it,no parking as such till your inside the track . i think it can be done but if it’s like pod where the fields are full all the way to the entrance then there’s no way I can see everyone getting in unless the surrounding farmers open the fields surrounding it
  12. turnover

    Exciting news for 2019 !!!!

  13. turnover

    Exciting news for 2019 !!!!

    The trees are the boundary not big https://goo.gl/images/AaATyx
  14. turnover

    Exciting news for 2019 !!!!

    Might use the main straight for a bit of 1/4 or 1/8 mile then or open the track,no idea