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  1. I'm looking for a 2 door Mk2 Escort, preferably a Mexico. I would prefer a UK car but will also consider a good SA 1600 sport I can tinker with. Thanks
  2. Thats definitely my old account 😃 I'll pm you now
  3. My old account username was rs2000rik, I don't seem to remember my log in details
  4. Hi guys I used to be a member years ago with an XE powered 100e and a Zetec powered Mk1 Escort. Lost a bit of touch with the old Fords after a house purchase and stuff but I've just pulled the Mk1 out of storage to have a freshen up. I'm on the look out for a 2 door Mk2 Escort in the immediate future, to replace the 100e which has been sold few years back. So if anybody is selling a Mk2 then give me a message 😀👍
  5. As above in as good condition as possible. Cash waiting, thanks.
  6. Going to wait for my plate to come from classic plates and I will send it off to tag plates. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the quick reply, any sort of price do you know? Been quoted £45 for stamping a plate I supply, is this right?
  8. Do you know where I can purchase a new VIN plate for my escort or get one made up please?
  9. I've obviously left it ridiculously late this year and was wondering if there was a possibility if getting two stand passes for a 100e and a Mk1 Mex?
  10. Is it too late to order two stand passes??
  11. So am i right in saying i need to put a bigger tunnel in to drop the engine away from the bulkhead???
  12. Ive bought a 2.0 zetec to put on my mk1 escort. Im using a retroford rwd sump, standard crossmember fitted in the standard location. I have fitted the type 9 box and put the engine in the bay. Ive bolted the gearbox crossmember up so that the hole on the tunnel lines up. Problem 1: By fitting the standard crossmember, the sump is hitting the steering rack and the back of the sump is ridiculously close to the crossmember. Also my water rail is up against the bulkhead. Problem 2: Ive bought a brand new worldcup crossmember with lowered rack mounts and now the sump clears the rack. However the sump is very much touching the crossmember and the water a rail is again touching the bulkhead. I have had no luck since classic ford, blew my pinto up on the way home and I spent a lot of money on this zetec setup and ita frustrating the hell out of me. I just want to use the bloody thing whilst this weather is here Big sob story hah
  13. Where can I get new rear light lenses for a mk1 escort/capri or does anybody have a near mint set for sale? Desperate!!!
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