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  1. ..as above, need two to finish my Capri! Thanks, Tom
  2. Hi guys, I know it's not that oldskool (yet) but I am losing the space to keep this car and have a Capri to look after so it has to go. Was hoping to do this up for my girlfriend, but she is too ill so never got round to it. I just want to get her some money back for it now. Escort Eclipse 1.3 G393ART MoT failure.. main issues being rusty sills and arches. Although to be frank the failure sheet is nearly as long as I am tall.. the rust is the biggest fail. Too good to scrap and I hate seeing old Fords die. Starts, runs, drives and stops.. Been parked up for about 4 - 5 months. Like I say.. wanted to do this up, really didn't want to sell up, shame, but that's life. Needs a bit of work, but it's not that bad.. if I didn't have a million things to do to my Capri I'd keep it and put the work in. The missing side trim is in the boot. I can provide more photos on request... I realise now looking at the pictures that I didn't take any of the sills, but can if needs be. £200
  3. ..hi all. Sorry is this isn't the right place to post this, but is it still possible to buy those MK2/3 Capri roll cages that were advertised on OSF a while ago? I've PM'd a few people but got no response and can't find any info about them anywhere.. apart from loads of other posts from people wondering the same thing. Anyone got any information on what's going on? Cheers.
  4. Haha yeah, I heard .."aaaanker.." as some bazzer boy passed me the other day. I laughed.
  5. Haha I love how you hope there's a special smiley for every occaision Glyn :does a laugh:
  6. When mine did it it was the hose that runs to the oil pressure gauge - a tiny pin prick that shot oil all over the bulkhead, only when the engine was running of course. That's waht my money's on.
  7. Major_Tom


    Showed my girl that the other day.. damn forgot how good it is.. 47.. 21 Archer.... sir. They're not having me the bastards..
  8. 1. X Pack Glyn 2. No2lurch - Sunday only 3. pccapri - following SmokeEm 4. 340truck - Bury Ford Club 5. phili2000 6. SmokeEm - Leaving Aldershot around 10am Sat 7. TurboMike - might follow SmokeEm? 8. SuperchargedNat 9. Major Tom 10. Beakster 11. escort21 12. capriV8 (but probably in a 2.0 Pinto) 13. Peter S 14. Doyle 15. Hughie with his Zephyr 16. jhn - following my map 17. Daisy Duke
  9. Good. Bunch of elitist hypocritical Apple Pies. For a decent UE site, check out http://www.simoncornwell.com/urbex/ Now that's a good site.
  10. HAHA yeah but what's written on the inside? Does it go: Some are fun Some are cranky Some are comic Some are swanky .. But you however are paedo scum, When I was five you touched my bum.
  11. That's basically the nicest looking MK1 I've ever seen. Good work!
  12. I think it's great! It means all those mugs who drive "the new Nissan Navarre IT GETS RESPECT" or the Porsche not even a real kind of car Cayenne or the Toyota SchoolCruiser or the Kia Nobsworth or whatever it's called or any other kind of car the majority of us hate get stung for it real hard. If they get a smaller, gayer car we can mock them every day by running rings around them in a 30 year old car. It's happy days to be driving OSFs guys. Happy days.
  13. Major_Tom

    sophie lancaster

    Hear you both loud and clear. Then you're got official watchdogs and government-funded think tanks saying "our society is badly fragmented and in dire need of an overhaul".... followed by some MP slating the reports and saying they're not true and how British values are not diminished... Then you read about two 15 year olds kicking some poor Dad to death outside his house as his family watches and you realise that there's no pretending anything's not broken down. It's all broken down. Don't know what's wrong with all this. Darkside. Take care out there people.
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