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  1. A few OSF’s visit the Bagshot brekkie meet at Pineridge Golf clyub monthly Eddie but I haven’t been myself
  2. Christ on a bike, I'm still top 5!
  3. The guy that had it built (Jimmy) spent £1000's on suspension development and it had the absoloute best of everything. I do remember seeing it going flat out around a local roundabout and I couldn't believe how much the body rolled! How he didn't roll it I'll never know!
  4. I 100% agree - It has to be Emerald
  5. 10/10 but I had to guess at the Gt40 question - got lucky
  6. So would I if I'd had a garage. Unfortunately, when I parked it up for winter that year, I detailed the hell out of it inside & out and when I pulled the covers off in October to warm it up and check levels etc, the seat belts had gone furry with mould as had the seats and dash! I was heartbroken. I cleaned it back up and it was on Ebay later that day. A huge part of me wishes I had tried to rent a private garage somewhere but alas I sold it to a farmer on the Isle of Wight. (He still has it I believe) I'll never own such a mint car again now that prices have rocketed.
  7. Sweet Van - a fellow internet user snapped a pic of it last week at his local MOT station. We were trying to work out what engine she was running as the fueling looked awseome!
  8. i'm only the other side of the hill in Farnham if all else fails. I am no expert but I am happy to offer an opinion sometime. We used to have a regular meet up on the old Hogs back but alas, those days are long gone!
  9. We watched it all unfold on the Pod WebCem - awesome stuff
  10. You won't have room for that gorgeous lil anglia soon Alan... lol.
  11. out of order Eddie. I see Teddy every day and not only did he not tell me you were unwell, he also didn't tell me you were building another Mk2! Don't go overboard with this one now will you....
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