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  1. I’m about Col, always lurking lol 😂 A lot has happened in my life over the last few years but I won’t bore you with details but suffice to say, there’s a LOT less of me than there was….
  2. If it’s got a 4.1 In it that would make more sense and be worth a few Bob to the racing brigade but working out will require wheel/tyre size etc? Are you running 175/50’s or something low like that??!
  3. Is it back on the road then?? After all these years!!
  4. A few OSF’s visit the Bagshot brekkie meet at Pineridge Golf clyub monthly Eddie but I haven’t been myself
  5. Christ on a bike, I'm still top 5!
  6. The guy that had it built (Jimmy) spent £1000's on suspension development and it had the absoloute best of everything. I do remember seeing it going flat out around a local roundabout and I couldn't believe how much the body rolled! How he didn't roll it I'll never know!
  7. I 100% agree - It has to be Emerald
  8. 10/10 but I had to guess at the Gt40 question - got lucky
  9. So would I if I'd had a garage. Unfortunately, when I parked it up for winter that year, I detailed the hell out of it inside & out and when I pulled the covers off in October to warm it up and check levels etc, the seat belts had gone furry with mould as had the seats and dash! I was heartbroken. I cleaned it back up and it was on Ebay later that day. A huge part of me wishes I had tried to rent a private garage somewhere but alas I sold it to a farmer on the Isle of Wight. (He still has it I believe) I'll never own such a mint car again now that prices have rocketed.
  10. Sweet Van - a fellow internet user snapped a pic of it last week at his local MOT station. We were trying to work out what engine she was running as the fueling looked awseome!
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