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  1. Yes they only do 60mm wide ones and rallying leaf slipper ones
  2. Does any one know where I can get a pair of new rear leaf springs for my mk1 escort need to be 50mm wide not 60mm mk2 springs
  3. 1. Vista 2. Savvi 3. Rossmk2 4. Gooey 5. Deadly456 6. SebringRS 7. Skippy 8. mk2 v6 9. bashbymk2 10. Mk2Ed 11. Brettp cheers 12 .TERRYWATTS1987 x2 stand passes
  4. My passes arrived yesterday can't Wait hope the weather is going to be good
  5. Did you get my order of 2 stand passes Darren
  6. What's the best price you will do on the engine with carbs
  7. Just ordered two stand passes I an planing to go up on the Saturday morning
  8. What time does the box hill meet start
  9. Is there going to be a stand a wheels day I'm thinking of going
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