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  1. Only helpful if the rear wings havent been changed but feel the lip of the rear wheel arch. It should be rolled right over on itself rather than leaving a sharp edge. This was done to give sufficient clearance to the wheels/tyres so to stop scuffing.
  2. http://www.indiphotography.co.uk/Galler ... index.html Some more photos from Saturday. Was not any Escorts or Capris on Saturday but weather was nice and lack of people made for some good photos!! Sorry for the link but I took a lot and it would have taken up pages!!
  3. I would love to have been there but as discussed, Tamsin did have our Baby at the weekend and is still in plaster (her leg, not the baby!! ). I will hand over a donation next Thurs at the next Monkey meet. For a good cause after all!!! Have a great Weekend people.
  4. Car failed its MOT last year due to excess left/right play in the pedal box bushes. I need to replace the little plastic bushes and wondered if anyone knew where to get them from? Thats it really!! Simple fix hopefully.
  5. Well!! Give it a couple of weeks and we could all march into Dockside outlet centre and give him a kick in as we will all be there on the 10th???
  6. I wanted to ask if someone knew the person responsible for these 3d artworks because ........ 1) It is absolutely unbelievable the work and detail in these CGI's and.... 2) I wondered whether he would do a version of my car for a price obviously:)!! Just thought it would be nice to have a desktop in CGI of my car as I think these are the nuts!!!
  7. Drove round to the local shops today to drop off my wifes keys at the back of the store she works in..... Was in the RS and as I pulled up, a security guard had a good look at the car and nodded his head!! I saw him talk to my wife as I drove off......So, naturally I enquired with my wife what he said later when she got home. Apparantly, the conversation went a little something like this.... Him ' Nice Car!!, Not real is it!!' Wife ' Yes It Is actually' Him 'Cant Be!! I used to work on those cars and they never made them on that plate!!' (Im on 73 plate, so yes they did) Wife 'Well, sorry but it is a Mexico with Rs2000 running gear, hence the decals on it' Him' Thought so!! As I already said RS2000 were never on that plate because i used to work on them!! What hes done is Bodge it really love isnt it!! Its a bodge rather than a real car!!' Well, first thought was I wish I had never asked!! Second thought was to track down the security guard and tell him exactly why he is a security guard and not still working on cars!! But...I think I might download some literature for him to read, then shove it right up his arse
  8. So................. Would you say with roll cage, twin fuel tanks in boot, battery in boot, performance cam and stage 1 head, strut braced, delocked, fuel filler taken of side of car, lowered, performance carb and manifolds etc etc and agrred value at 248 a good price, includes european recovery!!!
  9. I actually messaged the bloke because I couldnt see the strengthening plate om top of the engine strut tops. Turns out it has been reshelled but with an attitude like his: he will be holding on to this car for a while yet i reckon!! Actual email response from seller below: `i cant see any extra plates under the strut brace im afriad mate, im had a few emails regarding the "genuine shell lingo" surely at £7000 its worth that in bits? a 1.3L no sunroof shell in a rough state is worth £2000 so i would have thought a mint shell on the road with a puka engine and paintwork you can eat your dinner off inside and out would easily be worth £7k? sorry to sound harsh but i cant understand what people want for the money i sold 3 mk1 escorts last year for the same money and they were 1.1L models with some extras bolted on' Dont think it was so much the fact that it wasnt a genuine shell, personally I think it is quite good money for the work done on it!! It just annoyed me that he is selling it as a genuine AVO car even though it is the shell that makes it a genuine car, surely?? He didnt seem to see it that way
  10. Basic question really. My usual insurance is about 150quid for the car. It has been modified slightly... lowered, rollcage, hot cam, tanks in boot etc etc... But I sent some photos for agreed value and then had my insurance company on my back saying that I had too many mods to my car for them to continue insuring it at the price i was on. They were classing unoriginal seats, unoriginal paint as mods even though the seats are just seats; not anything special. they now have quoted me 250 quid for comprehensive cover at 1500mile limit which personally I think is taking the piss!! I have a clean license and have never had endorsements. i started driving over fifteen years ago. The car has about seven or eight mods and I am sure I could get it cheaper. My question is Can I get it cheaper and if so, then with whom?? Cheers.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I was a bit cautious because of the text saying 100percent genuine AVO car on the logbook but no pics to show any of the AVO fitted parts...... and I was adamant I couldnt see strengthening plates on the top struts but was scared of saying this in case it was my eyes or sommet:) Saved someone a lot of money people. cheers. will hold out for the next one:)
  12. Thumbs Up there...... One day I will be at that stage of roadkill, but until then I will have to stick to my Fiesta and Corsa kills!!!!
  13. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 2759.l1259 Your opinions on this car please as to whether it has been reshelled or not?? I dont want to annoy anyone with whether this is original or not, but I only ask as I have a friend who has the money to buy this now but doesnt want to pay daft money for a reshelled car. It states that it is genuine mexico with v5 logbook to show this, but I cannot see the strenghtening plates under the engine bay strut brace to show this to be the case, or the stamp plates which are out of view. As I said, I dont want to bang heads with anyone as to my accusation that this looks reshelled, but with a few genuine avo cars being sold as that because the V5 says so, even though they have been reshelled with non type 49 shells etc etc... Anyhow, i am waffling. thanks for any replies
  14. Thing is, I believe that although the body is a type 49 mexico, it has a full RS2000 running gear on it. But I dont know if he replaced the diff or just the engine!! being that it has a type 9 gearbox with an 2.0l pinto from '75 if my numbers are correct, then the diff could be anything!! Reckon lifting the back of the car up and seeing wheel revs to prop is gonna be the easiest way of finding out
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