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  1. Necro bump, sorry. Two questions: a) is there a way to follow his builds without Bookface? He used to have an awesome thread on Turbosport. b) Has the backlog mentioned above now been cleared? Obviously I can ask him directly but I'm still 6 months away from that stage so don't wish to bother him just yet.
  2. How the hell did they get it given the storage state?! And why didnt they remove all of the grey cover? Bizarre.
  3. MM77

    Just plain wrong!

    One of the reasons why I left the nanny state that is Australia.
  4. Makes my heart sink. Sorry to hear mate.
  5. EDIT: Change of plans
  6. MM77

    BBC iPlayer in Europe

    Grrrr.... How am I gonna watch the F1 while i'm over there???
  7. Does it work? Or get confused because it's not in the UK anymore?
  8. The guy selling it is called safety devices something or other. Could be worth a msg asking about a full one. Nothing to do with me BTW
  9. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Safety-Devices-Fo ... 414cbe748d
  10. That belongs in the adult room
  11. Looking at the Jan edition of CF and the Whats On section starts on the 12th March with Race Retro. Anything significant before this?
  12. Love that saying. Def gonna use it
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