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  1. Thanks. That's pretty much what Haynes said also. I wonder why I had difficulty then. I'm visiting the car in a few weeks so I'll check then.
  2. I'm looking for guidance on how to remove the windscreen wiper splines on a Mk1 Escort (and I assume Mk2). A while back I stripped my car down to the bare shell and there were two things I wasn't able to do: the bonnet release cable due to it being welded in place, and the wiper splines. I haven't seen the car for a couple years as it's in storage so I can't recall exactly what the issue was. The Haynes manual makes it sound quite simple but there must have been some difficulty or else I would have done it. Is the mount welded or similar? TIA
  3. Ah gotcha. So Cuili was correct after all. Ultimately I do need both. The weld through after the strip but before the metal work and the etch just prior to paint.
  4. Thanks for the reply but yeah I think you misunderstood. I'm only given the option of either/or and given the Weld Through option is more expensive I'm obviously of the belief this is the premium one. Why or how though I'm not sure.
  5. My research continues. What are the pros/cons of 2pk etch vs weld through primer? I have googled but would like to hear the opinions of the forum. The difference is only £50
  6. Necro bump, sorry. Two questions: a) is there a way to follow his builds without Bookface? He used to have an awesome thread on Turbosport. b) Has the backlog mentioned above now been cleared? Obviously I can ask him directly but I'm still 6 months away from that stage so don't wish to bother him just yet.
  7. You guys are amazingly observant to be picking up details like that! I have no idea to be honest. This is why I can't wait for the dip/blast to see all the hidden secrets.
  8. Thanks man. You've made my day.
  9. Looks worse than it is I hope!
  10. Well the floor looks much worse than it is with surface rust and general dirt. Let me find a pic.
  11. This is the best pic I have of the boot on hand but as you can see it's only surface rust. It was shipped over in 2015 and has spent the last 12 years dry stored so it's (hopefully) the same condition now. You guys are starting to sway me toward sand/soda blasting.
  12. And after. (It's a completely bare shell now and desperately needs some love).
  13. Thanks for the advice. I bought it just at the very start of the latest craze (ie, 2007) so got it very cheap and also a very good example. This was it prior to me getting my spanners out (ie, ruining it).
  14. Given the underlying theme of this thread is minimisation of future horror stories I would get the entire thing done just to be safe.
  15. Ah ok, thanks for the clarification there. Very helpful. The shell is Aussie sourced so the only rust I'm aware of is in the heater bowl. I have stripped it down completely and there isn't any more rust in it anywhere, thankfully. So I'm not really concerned with it coming back in a box.
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