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  1. How the hell did they get it given the storage state?! And why didnt they remove all of the grey cover? Bizarre.
  2. MM77

    Just plain wrong!

    One of the reasons why I left the nanny state that is Australia.
  3. MM77

    Sierra RS Cosworth Whaletail

    Makes my heart sink. Sorry to hear mate.
  4. Compliance plate pics for Rally Pack to peruse.
  5. Brilliant. Thanks Rally Pack. The pic you posted is most helpful. I'm visiting the car tomorrow so I'll trace it all through then. I'm just basing a lot of thoughts on various old pics I have. I know I should probably wait until I see the car, but I'm just excited to have it back and have a project again
  6. Hi all, If you look at the pic below, you'll see a hose wrapped around the strut top. It appears to be the fuel hose with an in-line filter. Apart from looking horrendous I doubt it's very safe... Where does the filter normally sit? A pic would be superb if possible. I'd like to remove this hideous hose and start again really.
  7. Brilliant. Thanks guys. Still no idea why I have it though.... I've had many a dream though.
  8. Fantastic. Thanks. I figured 10 each so I was bang on the money as it turns out. And yep, for a 2-door. Thx mate.
  9. Hi all, I'm looking to buy a set of these two types of clips: http://www.motorsport-tools.com/new-ford-escort-mk2-door-window-glass-seal-clip-internal-replacement.html http://www.motorsport-tools.com/new-ford-escort-mk2-door-window-glass-seal-clip-replacement.html Anybody know how many I require for each side? Many thanks.
  10. MM77

    mk2 wings

    Are Ex-pressed Steel Panels still the best with these?
  11. Engine bay per my PM comment. EDIT: Ignore the battery gunk
  12. LOL. Good tip. Appreciate that. Thanks.
  13. Most of these points I addressed in the PM, but I'll repeat here for the wider audience. Interesting to see if anybody knows more about this colour. I've also seen the colour on this: http://www.classicfordmag.co.uk/2013/10/11/flashback-friday-frank-frosticks-mk2-escort/ (Sprint Blue according to that) The paint on the rear panel was me being bored one day. I do like it like that though.
  14. Interesting. If it's been repainted they did a superb job because it's this colour below the carpet as well. It's a 1980 too by the way. I don't believe the photo is being enriched. It does look this shade in the flesh (or metal).