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  1. Does anyone know of a mk1 escort with mexico id on it, reg EGA950K.
  2. Has anyone else had crap service from burton power. I bought a Kenlowe fan kit from there website with the capillary thermo but they sent me the elec one instead,thats the one the probe goes thru the rad fins. They refuse to send me the correct item until I send them the incorrect item first. You would think they would put customers first and send out the correct item asap,they deny that they sent wrong part out even though on there website its the capillary fan you get and no mention about you get the elec one instead. It seems to me they just take your money and then dont give a f**k about you afterwards. Is it just me that isnt happy about there attitude.
  3. I'd certainly buy a set from you I need those for my mk1.
  4. Cheers capri07, looks like i'll have to get the old grey matter working ! Good luck with yours
  5. I've got a full car, i was using it up to a month ago, its stage 2, about 220bhp at the mo. Would it be easy enough to splice the 2 looms together, also the sump bulge is at the front on the nissan engine, will need to see if it can be turned round. I really want to do this conversion as its easy to get about 350-360bhp out of it before you have to touch the internals, lot cheaper and more reliable than a cossie. I just would'nt be able to afford to do it with a cossie. Thanks for the info so far, please keep it coming as i need all the help i can get. Gary
  6. I'm thinking about putting a nissan ca18et engine and box in either the mk1 caprii or mk2 escort estate. Has anybody put this engine in a old ford before and if so any info on the conversion would be very gratefully received. Gary
  7. Aye thats why im thinking about turning the laser into a mk2, and then maybe a Chastain lookalike. Hows things with you Steve.
  8. Thanks for the photos Chris, I wanted to buy this car when you where selling it but i couldnt get down in time. Dont know what it is but theres just something about this car that i really like. Long live the Capris .
  9. Has anybody got photos of the interior, mainly the front seats.
  10. Just wondered what happened to this capri....used to be on here a while ago.... i remember it having some cool bucket seats
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