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  1. Comfort is down to what ever seats have been fitted, scimmies are reknown for the front seats falling apart. Fuel consumption is poor, mine has an auto box and returns about 20 - 25 mpg, worse if your spanking it down the M11. But its great fun upsetting the BMW drivers who wonder WTF has just gone past them. Spares are not to much of a problem, many new parts from specialist dealers. Other parts from the Bay. Get the CD rom manual which lists in at the end where a lot of the parts were used elsewhere. i.e. door handles from Mini Cooper, rear hatch from Lotus, front suspension from TR3 etc.
  2. Happy Birthday Johhny Boy
  3. Looks like "Swiss Tony". Would you buy a used car from this man?
  4. I went up to the shed to check out my '65 BSA a65 only to find the oil tank have drained down into the sump and then onto the floor. Best part of 4 pints GTX in a big puddle!!!! Thought to myself OK a job for the easter week-end but it appears I have an appointment with a garden fork, so says my missus.
  5. Blimey Jim-Bob is there anything you don't know about Mk3 Capri's???
  6. Best wishes, hope you get very busy
  7. Aichefbees = Hatchet Faced Biffers = Doctors Receptionists/Librarians etc
  8. Boats are great fun in the summer, I used to own one and we used it for fishing in the winter, not so much fun, just bloody cold. Best description of a boat is a hole in the water and you throw money into it!!
  9. Mick The Mig


    Hello Copey. Got to say I agree with you, people in general seem to be in to much of a hurry to be polite. This must be a result of the " right here, right now " attitude that seems to be the norm today. Remember you are in charge of time, times not in charge of you.
  10. Looks well clean and tidy. Problem as always is keeping it that way. My Bike store has a nice clean painted floor, but I haven't seen it for years. It's covered in "noodles" pinto parts.
  11. Sorry to be a bit dense, I'ts my age you know. But I logged on to Paypal and their record shows my renewal date as 2010, has my sub for 2009 already been taken? Please help an old duffer!
  12. Just noticed my contribution expired 28th Feb. Thought it was updated automatically?
  13. Thanx everyone, have reached the time of life when I've stopped counting but meeting with OSF and the Medway Monkeys is good fun
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