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  1. the front not on coilovers so if ride height different i cant adjust it to get it to sit nice. i may throw on some singles and let it settle and go from there, need to find some Mk2 spring plates as for the wider spring
  2. you think stick with -2 blocks with new spring and hope sits same as the ones currently fitted?
  3. Haha an idea, but wanna get it all refitted up and out on a dry day here and there over the winter
  4. I looked at getting 2 decambered ones from Gartrac but work out like £200 for a pair delivered! same price to get 2 leaf, Pair shackles,Pair of new front bolts and tramp bars from Burton! Now looking to get mine done somewhere in N,London Essex area
  5. Thanks, only issue be the speedo as a mex had a different final drive to mine possibly but mine is out anyway so
  6. Just a quick one, are 110Mph/130mph/140mph 6 dial clocks all interchangeable? looking to fit a 130 to replace my 110mph one, guess speedo could read alittle out but everything else be ok
  7. Thanks, its a little embarrassing to say last time the Escort was used for a longish journey was Retro Cars 2013 when i was on the stand.... yeah i will just say im running the strip and then once over near that side i can walk over and look for you and grab a pass if there is a issue. unless you can scan and mail me it?
  8. I got my car mot-ed and on the road today. As i been out the country for 2 years and its been sat not sure if i wanna chance it on Sunday but if I did couk i get a pass on the day? Or just park on the stand?
  9. pintos were put in quite alot and were used cars not that long ago compared to a 1600. not alot more work fitting a pinto over and 1600, few more parts would be needed like mounts, and pos a starter and alternator. Then again not lots more work getting a zetec in.... its down to personal choice really.
  10. i did 1300 to 1600 and was simple enough everything fitted other than exhaust manifold as the 1600 is a inch taller
  11. thats not the case if they contact the owner saying someone has requested information. i wouldn't expect them to reply with a address, all i want is the letter to be forwarded....
  12. As said its a easy swap i did mine around 8 years ago and didnt take long, started late morning few stops for coffee and was in and running before sun was down. Think i used 1300 flywheel and clutch as the 1600 had been on a 5 speed and something wasnt right. i already had a ashely 4-2-1 so exhaust went straight on. Only really 10ish bolts, a fuel line, throttle cable, HT lead, Rad hoses and a couple of wires holding it in.
  13. Has anyone on here had any luck getting the current owners details from the DVLA for a car they use to own? Its my dads 60th next year and i though i would try and track down and buy a car he brought new in 1977 (a MG not a FORD) the interweb says was MOTed a few weeks ago and is still taxed. He sold it late 80's after i was born as wasnt piratical but always speaks about buying it back if he saw it at a show. I read you can fill out a V888 form and request details but thats more for hit and runs etc. I was going to attach a letter and ask them if they would forward it to the current owner, that way no Personal details have been obtained. If the current keeper isnt interested then they can ignore the letter, or they may want to contact me regarding history of the car or what ever. I also understand you are able to get details of previous owners of the car you own so i dont see why you cant do this with permission from current owner. If council or parking reinforcement company can request your details i dont see why this is a legitimating reason.....
  14. As said Ford Fair can be a good day out if you like a Mix of New and Old Fords. I havnt been since 2008 when I had a mk1 Focus RS and was on their stand. The convoy there was cool with 47 cars. If you like right mix of modified cars then you can do friday/sat at the POD at Ultimate Street Car then Sunday at Ford Fair. Did that back in 2004/5 when I was 18 in My Escort, didnt beat much up the strip with a 1300GT lump but the odd plasic Corsa saw the back end of my Escort haha
  15. being Deaf and smelling of petrol is just part of the experience of driving my escort
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