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  1. would you consider sending the engine via courier?
  2. Thanks so much, just sent you a pm. Hopefully that will do the trick and i can get some ordered asap.
  3. Would you be able supply seals for a mk1 cortina estate? Or know where i could get them from?? Thanks
  4. My friend has a mk1 Avo shell hes rebuilding when he got it had tinted glass all round, we havent seen this on any other AVO cars? would it have been an option when new or something fitted after market. All of the glass is stamped as Triplex Sundym
  5. my lawn mower runs on castrol R (Petrol with a cap full of castrol), i never moan when the wife wants me to cut the lawn!
  6. People who race generally make a living as well as having a laugh me and my mates all race but we also love classic cars if we put the money up then how can people moan, a lot of our stuff comes off of ebay and if its good enough to restore we will and if not its time to kick the glass out!!
  7. i have a hearse for the sunday cant wait!
  8. i use one in my oval racing lightning rod, and was actually fitting one into a car today they are definetly comfy enough although i must say i have never done two hundred miles!
  9. i dont normally bother to post my opinions but this is absolutely gorgeous!
  10. unfortunately not mine my backs already full, but would have a car tattoo but its finding someone you trust enough who you know is not gonna make a escort look like a marina!
  11. Not sure if this has been on here before applogies if it has.....
  12. 82bob

    who has a blue..

    i bought mine off ebay too and i have used it!
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