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  1. Mines wired to port 2 for 12v tacho in my mk5 Cortina Frankie
  2. Coming along in this, not as low now though. Frankie
  3. Put me down please! Frankie2.8 1. Vista 2. dalmarshall 3. Benjy 4. Paulfosk 5. Brettp 6. Mk2 mike 7. Rallye 8. Scootlife 9. Mattsbmw 10. SebringRS 11. Skippy 12. Bazoff72 13. Marky4 14. Oggy 69 15. XjamesX 16. Deltamal 17. Seaneylad 18. DanXR2 19. khanlad 20. Bill Stein 21. Buzzard 22. Tel1972 23. FiestaGuy 24. Classicwhitey (OSFDC) 25. Bry with a y 26. MK2Frenchlady 27. Bigfish 28. 100ebob 29. Deadly456 30. Rossmk2 maybe 2 OSFs yet 31. mrk2ghiadal 32. Savvi 33. 123Escorts 34. Cos30 35. Norm1 36. PCOE 37. JP, OSF Dutch Chapter 38. Michel, OSF Dutch Chapter 39. Alex, OSF Dutch Chapter 40
  4. A few more pictures, forgot to say that the car won the best mk5 cortina trophy at this years cortina day in monmouth. I will try to keep the thread updated as things occur! Frankie
  5. Hiya Have not been on for a while, so I thought I'd show you all my mk5 Cortina I bought last year to replace the old crusader I used to own. Its a 1982 1600L that as been played with a bit. its now a 2.1 with a kent FR22 cam, burton electronic distributer, Vernier pulley all lightened and balanced with a K&N filter. Have also got the twin dellortos waiting to go on when I have the time to fit up that were on the old car. It runs a type9 box with the 3.89 final drive. Fully polybushed front to back with lowered springs and adjustable gaz shocks all round on refurbed RS 4 spokes. wou
  6. Going to try and get there this time hopefully the diff wont break again on the way up! frankie
  7. Good see another mk5 being done! Keep coming with the piccies, must put some of mine up on here, more so now the good bits are off the red one and on the new one. Frankie
  8. Looking good! What steering wheel boss did you use? Frankie
  9. My son said it was a good day, he enjoyed it on my behalf as I was stranded on the a272 with a dead diff. Here's to next year when I shall be definately attending!! Look forward to the piccies Frankie
  10. Well it would have been a nice day out had my diff not failed on the way up there! Just got home on the back of a low loader! FFS!!! Frankie
  11. Finger crossed for weather!!! Cleaned the car today and about 10 mins later! Rain!! Frankie
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