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  1. How you going to fill the chargecooler system if the filler is lower than the chargecooler ? I would fit a fill plug in the very top of the chargecooler and fill with a small funnel Also fit a fan in front of the cooler radiator that runs with the pump, this will cool it whilst stationary or moving slow and stop heat soak from the engine radiator
  2. I was as happy as you when it actually started, been there many times myself. We done on the work and making the videos.
  3. Rapid work and all the right bits 🤩
  4. What does it need, a bigger vent pipe in the tank ??
  5. Look up Brett Maile on f_cebook, He is the Kiddie 🤞
  6. Know what you mean, But the niggles will bug you again when you next drive it and you will wish you had sorted them 'out of season' Good luck with it 🤞
  7. Very nice. Did you get all the niggles sorted??
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