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  1. This is exactly why ive sold most of mine off now, cant see the point of owning a car I'm scared to use anymore. It seems whatever security you fit if they want it then they take it !!
  2. That was Aleds car, originally a Lhd that's been restored, lovely car.
  3. Apparently hes a collector and it will be in his own personal collection along most of the other models he has. I just hope he keeps it how it stands, although I realise it will be his to do what he pleases.
  4. I was offered a good price while it was at the Avo day & took a deposit. Thanks for all the comments and advice. It seems some people value them more then others and as we all said people will pay what they think it's worth.
  5. Love it, hope you have agreed value on it, that's a lovely car and a bargain in my eyes.
  6. Thanks, it all depends on price and if I sell the Mk2. The market for them is similar to the Escorts and they just seem to be going up and up, but that's also the reason I'm thinking of moving over. I figure that they are both good investments for my pension fund, although at a ouch I could live in a bay [emoji4] What sort of price are you looking for ? I don't think I can afford a nice one even if I get what I'd like for my escort.
  7. A vw Bay window is calling, it's more inline with the shows I'm now attending and into these days. Spent last winter welding up my girlfriends and got a little hooked
  8. Thanks it's Insured with Hagerty and they picked the value based on seeing the car at a show and market value, but I totally agree anything is only worth what someone will pay
  9. Yes it's for sale, I asked my brother to put a sign in it, but he keeps on about buying it, not spoke to him but obviously he didn't. As said I didnt take it as I was in Plymouth all weekend.
  10. If I was still into Fords I would keep this, I haven't seen many as original as this, when ever I've seen one advertised or at a show they have all had paintwork of some sorts done. It's never going to go down in value, I love the auto as I have a dodgy back which effects my left leg, however I can't see me using it, I was quite happy letting my brother take it to shows and keep it running but as he's purchased something of his own it looks like it will be back with me soon.
  11. I was offered £7k nearly 2 years ago and again last year, tbh a month ago I wouldn't even of thought of selling, but life changes.
  12. I've not advertised it anywhere and only put this up on Friday, I know it won't be to everyone's tastes or price but as said I'm not in a rush to sell, just seems a shame to leave it stored unused for the next foreseeable.
  13. Im loking at the possibilty of selling my Mk2 Escort Ghia. Ive not used this myself for at least 2 years, however my brother has done some shows and kept it running for the last year, he has booked in on the club stand and anyone wishing to have a look is welcome. Its a low miles (54,000 approx) local car to Oxfordshire, bought by a friends family then passed down until I purchased some years ago, I have original service and handbooks, all panels original, its never been welded (doesn't need any) or painted (although does have some age related marks in places) its totally original apart from the Compo wheels I fitted, I have the originals & electronic ignition. This car really stands out and I will be sad to see it gone, however I'm just not using it and now my brother has a new show car of his own I'm worried this will just be back in dry storage, ive moved on into the Vw scene and if this sells then ill be looking at buying a Bay camper. Prices are all over the place, I have this agreed value at £10,000 and would like to get as close to that as possible, I'm not in a major rush to sell so although open to a offer I'm not selling silly cheap, this is a hard decision for me as you don't see them like this very often. I'm located in Oxfordshire my number is 07770978154 if anyone would like to discuss.
  14. Because im interested to see what other people think, ive had the car a long time so attached to it, what I value it at may be different to others, ebay is a total waste of space to sell nice cars, yes lots see it but they also mainly waste peoples time. As i said i dont follow Fords as much as i used to, keep getting told its worth a fortune by mates but they wouldnt have the money to buy it anyway !! I have seen a few go for much higher, i do have a rough figure in mind and £7k was close, so i guess im not a million miles away from what i value it at. I find forums like this people will give a honest reply, that was all I was wanting, I'm still unsure whether to sell or not, I keep looking to buy a Vw bay window camper ....... Money will decide if A: I sell the mk2 B: if I can afford to buy what id like to replace it with, if anything.
  15. Thanks, I wouldn't let it go for £7k maybe market value who knows, but its worth more then that to me.
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