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  1. £80 probs depending on condition to start .
  2. remind me of a porsche speedster , doesnt need a roof ..... i like it .
  3. Dunno depends on what you want mate , complexity of design , number of parts etc etc . Helmet like that would be £375 Custom green flames on a tank, and two mudguards £400
  4. Its a scene tax ! I fully understand people that make a living from it and providing a service as the scene would be dead without it , but its fact the days of going to a breaker tearing an engine out and slinging it in your car for £30 are over . There is nothing cheap in this country and it will never change . That's why this one im building will be a keeper .
  5. Me an my mate will Soon to offering a service of custom paint , bikes helmets, cars etc etc helmet sample Pirate chick sample ! Standard paint job sample Custom flames /paint sample Custom paint sample Yank / japanese warbirds Custom paint , flames and freehand skull Oldskool ! Glasgow , Can post etc / PM me cheers Doc ........
  6. dont think so ...........
  7. yeah loved it in a two hour visit kinda way loads of great cars and some impossibly straight motors being unveiled stand looked great and nice talking to some of the lads .... Colin ill be in touch.
  8. its a long walk from Glasgow See you sunday .... Doc
  9. I was asked to complete the black one for August. I'll compile a definitive list of jobs and see how it goes. Matty28i yep matty is re-commisioning the car for me ( its in his garden after all ! ) , The green one is dead and sold on after i get the bits i needed for the black one , bumpers and front spoiler , getting bumpers reworked and powder coated as i write , spoiler is an original mk2 item so very pleased with that . Target is august but it will take as long as it does in these instances . Bought a set of revos on the bay with new tyres and will be picking them up dur
  10. Nuff said So works getting underway , matty 2.8i is getting the car back up and running again /for me MOTd even ...... Its all good . so planned in my head is 1) Brake overhaul 2)new clutch 3) repair the clocks 4) New brake lines if required 5) fit 40s if i can get some for the right price 6 ) fit new carpet 7) steam clean the interior Fit gold centred and polished comp cx or revos ( BLING!) If ive not bought any ill fully refurbish the S alloys to as new for the short term bling . 9)Full engine service 10) re-wire rear lights 11) re-fit badges 12) find and
  11. Its a 2.0s 1978 on an S so a very late one with silver grey cadiz interior so it all god , however it does have several bills of sale from second hand car sales garages selling as a JPS . The confusing thing for me is that it does have a black headlining and the extra black vin plate on the slam ? Parts bin special maybe i thought all JPS were on P plates ? In my mind its just an S albiet a pretty rare unmolested original condition find ...... nowadays .
  12. LOL ! sorry to dissapoint but i have a car which i am breaking for the parts i need for the S and my mate a mechanic is now busy re-commisioning the car. its only been standing a year so shouldnt be much . my green and very rotten and soon to be dead snotter ! short term is to fit some 40s , it has a janspeed exhaust and trick cam , fit new carpets and make it a better place to be inside (still has Cadiz seats etc ) fit a new clutch , top to tail check and some compomotive cx on toyos diamond cut and gold then leave the car to its faded glory . On the road end of Ju
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