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  1. Well done everyone looking forward to the next round
  2. hello yeah should have room for them,i can bring them to classicford show for you no problem
  3. not to far from me what wheels are they
  4. glenbo

    Not long now!

    cars ready still sorting out trailer ie I haven't got one but its in hand
  5. car is ready but the trailer isn't yet
  6. i think should leave as is or drop a round with the least points as we did a few years ago,if you lose the most points from a round then if you win a round you don't gain anything and as been mentioned a lot of effort and expense for nothing
  7. just turn up and give it a go you don't need any experience and everyone who runs and takes part in osfdc is friendly and will always give you any tips or advice
  8. glenbo


    oooo shiney shiney
  9. looking for minilites or similar but thanks for offering flinty
  10. glenbo


    well done theirry see you at the lights
  11. will be there on sunday,cars all ready and im getting there
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