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  1. a spare transit wheel and tyre came with a mk2 transit free if anyone wants it
  2. just bought a mk1 fiesta and it came with a d series honda engine but i want to stick with ford after a swap for a 2.0 zerec it comes with all mounts gearbox 2x linkages shafts and a stainless four branch will obviously need some fabrication to fit it
  3. I'm just testing the water really bought this in December and have done loads of work through out and all pictures to prove I paid 1300 for it off eBay and drove it all way back from Essex to Sheffield I'm not guna lie the van was a mess ad more bodges and leaks than owt I have since made it more homely and water tight and it certainly smells loads better has 12v and 240v electrics and gas appliances it's taxed tell end of May 2014 and tested till 8th of July 2014 it drives really good sometimes takes a bit to get Warm but it's a 34 year old pinto engine it's got 54k on clock I don't know if it's real mileage or not but in suppose all people wana see is picture or the van I'm asking for 2500ono which I think is a fair price with money and time and stress from the missis or I would swap for a escort project as that's the only reason I'm selling and the fact the missis says it won't fit in garage the van is located at my parents in Rotherham any veiws welcome
  4. Bought a mk2 transit camper with a 2ltre pinto engine in and although there a good engine not really econimical when pulling 2 tonne so I'm thinking of converting to the di engine I have a donor van I'm just wondering if anyone knows a thread or how to convert I'm wanting to change engine and box I know engine mounts will probably have to be made and there's not much to wiring but do we change props to suit gearbox and does it have to be shortened? Any help will be much appreciated
  5. Anyone know were the switch is for the 12v electrics on a mk2 transit camper?
  6. ive just bought a pinto high torque stater motor from rally design for my pinto in mk2 escort the old starter had the main power cable goin to it the ignition live (red and black) and the coil positive + (black yellow) the high torque starter as only got the main power and the ignition live wire so what do i do with the coil positive + if anyone can help pleeeaaasssseee do because im desperate now cheers
  7. i know this might be the stupidist question on here but im used to crossflows whats the firing order on a pinto
  8. the 1st thing i bought was a 4 branch ashly manifold and full ashly system ive already bought a cam waitin for some time off work and then get that fitted ive already got the twin 40s and got a fast road fuel pump im just waitin on a guy for a stage 2 head so keep the advice coming cheers
  9. ok mate take your advice new cam too before it goes back on road cheers
  10. well any1 know were it goes on these powerlite starter motors from rally design
  11. is the 3rd one needed because im using a gear reduction starter motor and it as nowere for the 3rd wire to go cheers
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