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  1. Ok, thank you I really should have paid more attention when i was at skool Feel free to delete the ad as i really have no idea how much they go for now days so i am unable to put a price on them (anyone know what they go for now ?)
  2. Hi, not sure if this is allowed but i have just listed a couple of the above on the bay, i know these are hard to get hold of now and if anyone is interested let me know. I would have put them on here first but im a complete idiot on computers and cant for the life of me put pictures up Please feel free to delete if inappropriate
  3. Got a few bits of exhausts in the shed, if you can put a picture up so i can see if i have one
  4. Hi, I bought a brand new set of brakes for my pinnin years ago and never used them. Its a complete set of front pads and rear shoes, still in the boxes and never used as i sold the car long ago If you can come and collect them they are yours for a drink Im in Bexhill near Hastings 07503174073
  5. i have a big box of old nuts, bolts and other stuff, i did have it on ebay for 99p but had no interest. There may be one in that box, if you can post a picture i will take a rummage in there and see if your lucky
  6. on the dreaded bay for £1 each job lot Got an old mk1 cortina steel wheel too if anyone can use it, maybe for banding ? Again FREE to collector
  7. shame to scrap them sell separately or bulk. Also got a homemade (not by me) 6 dial dash top FREE. Been really crudely made and covered in flock . In my opinion not worth a bean as its so bad but someone might want it . Dont want anything for it so long as you can collect it Again if no takers i will bin it
  8. I have around 10 starter motors and maybe 10 alternators, been stored in my shed and i need them gone. They are all untested and must of come of old crossflows or pintos. As rules dictate i must put a price on them so how about £3 each or take the lot for £50 I will not be able to post so collection only from Bexhill near Hastings text only on 07503174073 I guess they should work ok as i wouldnt have kept them but to cover myself budget for a rebuild Sorry no pictures
  9. Hi There,

    Pm'd you.


  10. Thank you Vista, thanks to replies from here I now have some idea of the value. RS ALLOY SUMP AND PICK UP PIPE £200. if you can collect there's a choice of two, will ad pictures when I get a chance
  11. Thanks but no thanks Been advised they go for around £250 but of course I would take serious offers. I have two so if anyone is interested and can collect they would have a choice of the two
  12. Anyone interested in a pinto RS sump and pick up pipe ? I'm not sure if im allowed to ask for offers as I really don't know what they are going for nowdays
  13. sorry but it sold, I have a mk1 cortina steel wheel here if you want it though, don't want anything for it just come and get it. Let me know if you need anything else as im going through my shed and have loads of mk1 escort bits
  14. got one here in Bexhill, only trouble is ive put it on ebay and it finishes in about ten mins, if your quick you may have time though it has no bids yet lol. if it doesn't sell you can come and get it
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