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  1. mk1estate

    ODD ford wheels

    location Bexhill on sea near Hastings
  2. mk1estate

    ODD ford wheels

    I have a few odd ford wheels I need to clear out 1x fiesta pepper pot 1x laser/rs alloy 1x4spoke alley cat 1x standard steel mk1 cortina Looking at a fiver each must be collected
  3. mk1estate

    Cam timing disc/degree wheel wanted

    where are you, I think I have a couple here Near Hastings
  4. mk1estate

    MK1 Escort RS Wheels Fog/Spot lights

    Hi, I think I have a pair of cibies in the shed, if you pm me your number ill dig them out and send a picture
  5. mk1estate


    ive got a boot lid here near Hastings
  6. mk1estate

    Mounts and sump

    Hi, i have a couple of RS sumps, ill take a look in the morning. Text me on 07503174073 How much do these go for now ? ive no idea how much so open to offers. Not sure if i have a pick up so assume not I think i may have a pair of RS mounts too
  7. mk1estate

    1.6 pinto flywheel

    sorry, not been on here for a while, what starter do you want as i have crossflow and pinto ones. I also have a couple of pinto ally alt brackets if yor interested. If your interested in the starters and alt and can collect shall we say a fiver each but as ive said they aint new so you will have to take a chance. I would say they were all good otherwise i wouldnt have kept them but they have been in the shed for a while. Let me know if you need anything else as im going to clear the shed out soon
  8. mk1estate

    1.6 pinto flywheel

    got a shed load of starters and alternators here in hastings come and take your pick, all second hand but should be ok might have other bits too
  9. mk1estate

    Xflow engine and gearbox mounts

    got a couple of type 9 gearbox mounts if they are any good to you i also have a couple of engine/gearbox sandwich plates, not sure if they are pinto or crossflow though
  10. mk1estate

    Use it or lose it .....

    thats shocking, still you cant knock a free ride
  11. mk1estate

    Use it or lose it .....

    yeah i agree, you only have to look at the foot of OUR forum to see how many names are in purple.
  12. mk1estate

    2.0ltr DOHC sump needed.

    is it the same as a normal pinto ? if so do you want a steel sump or the ally one whats it intended to go in, mk1. mk2 escort ? i have a couple of pinto ally sumps here and not too far away
  13. mk1estate

    £5 notes

    it sure is a crazy world anyone want my fivers for a fiver each ( postage £25 lol)
  14. mk1estate

    £5 notes

    just checked ebay and some people are mad lol
  15. mk1estate

    £5 notes

    can anyone tell me what the hell is going on with the new £5 notes. Ive found a couple of them in my wallet with the serial numbers AA07, now im told they are worth quite a bit of money . I thought they were worth a fiver lol. Is this just a stupid fad or am i literally sitting on a fortune lol