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  1. Hi There,

    Pm'd you.


  2. Thank you Vista, thanks to replies from here I now have some idea of the value. RS ALLOY SUMP AND PICK UP PIPE £200. if you can collect there's a choice of two, will ad pictures when I get a chance
  3. Thanks but no thanks Been advised they go for around £250 but of course I would take serious offers. I have two so if anyone is interested and can collect they would have a choice of the two
  4. Anyone interested in a pinto RS sump and pick up pipe ? I'm not sure if im allowed to ask for offers as I really don't know what they are going for nowdays
  5. sorry but it sold, I have a mk1 cortina steel wheel here if you want it though, don't want anything for it just come and get it. Let me know if you need anything else as im going through my shed and have loads of mk1 escort bits
  6. got one here in Bexhill, only trouble is ive put it on ebay and it finishes in about ten mins, if your quick you may have time though it has no bids yet lol. if it doesn't sell you can come and get it
  7. Hi can you clear your inbox 


  8. hi, im near Hastings and ive got a couple of alloy sumps here, poss with pick up pipe too best to private message me for my contact details so you can text.
  9. where in Kent are you? Im near Hastings and im sure I have a pair if you can collect
  10. im sure I have a pair of 2.8 capri struts and even a new pair of vented discs but im near hastings and I honestly just don't get the time to post but if you could collect and make an offer
  11. location Bexhill on sea near Hastings
  12. I have a few odd ford wheels I need to clear out 1x fiesta pepper pot 1x laser/rs alloy 1x4spoke alley cat 1x standard steel mk1 cortina Looking at a fiver each must be collected
  13. where are you, I think I have a couple here Near Hastings
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