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  1. I've been on Hotmail for years, I haven't had an address book on it for years ever since it got hacked and my sister-in-law got the hump because I apparently sent her emails for incontinence pants, viagra, and a "specialist" dating agency 😂😂. No problems except the odd spam, I don't open them, just send them straight to block.
  2. Vauxhall, I painted the rocker cover red, so it must have been.......
  3. accord83

    wheres col?

    He will be very tired, the sleepless nights are caused by the sound of rust munching steel keeping him awake.?
  4. I think I've just tasted my tea again, that perversion is digging the depths of depravity.
  5. I used to own Standards, when I rang up my long term insurer, (who had just been taken over), to get new cover on my Standard Vanguard I was asked for my car details: "What make and is model?" "Standard Vanguard Phase 2" "What make is that?" "Standard" "But what make is it?" "It's a Standard Vanguard" "You have already said it's not modified, what make is it?" "Standard" "I need to know the make and model" "You're new in this department aren't you?" "Yes, I've just come from house and contents." "Bye."
  6. I picked this manifold and 28/36 Weber up at an auto jumble on Saturday marked up as a 1600 crossflow. Whose make manifold is it? I don't recognise it.
  7. Oh No! It gets worse! I was still holding out the hope it was a photoshop...... although you have to admire the engineering.
  8. Thanks for that Daimler Matt, I've just had my lunch and now I feel a bit queasy.
  9. Mmmm that reminds me, I have a pair of nos boxed Lucas Square 8's somewhere, I mustn't remember to dig them out. ??
  10. I wouldn't trust 'em, it was the era of the Gas crisis?
  11. WTF, I didn't realise it was sail powered, I was thinking V8 not land yacht! You won't catch me friggin' in the riggin'
  12. Wow! I'd have that yellow forward control pickup in an instant.
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