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  1. Have you been using brake cleaner in an unventilated room Matt?😁
  2. I get the bonnet mascot for a Terex 33-19 Titan to gel up knowing my luck, need a bigger bucket of gel.........
  3. Do you guys take your giant gerbils to the bar? Strange place you live in.🤣
  4. I don't think we got the Bongo full stop. The ones here are all grey imports from Japan.
  5. I remember tales of your mis-spent youth in a Bongo, mine was a 1995 Japanese import model.
  6. Get a Mazda Bongo/Ford Freda, same but the badges. Brilliant kit, excellent heating, ice cold air con 8 seats, Ford 2.5TDI, and an electric lifting roof. We loved ours as a general hack but my son and his mates found it a bit uncomfortable to sleep in during a Highlands gale. The daft buggers parked it beam on to the wind, the guy in the roof bed had to come down due to motion sickness. Most are 4wd but mine was 2wd with a slippy diff, it never got stuck. I miss that old machine.
  7. It nothing for me, it's about as much use as tits on a bull. If I had shed loads of money for something I only wanted to race in a straight line, yes, fine, but I would prefer a totally stock RS2000.
  8. Now that looks great. Unfortunately unless its got a Subaru in the back of it, it will be shocking. I had a bay window camper with a 1600 twin port. It was slow, thirsty, cracked heads for fun and whilst those on the rear seat were warm the driver was freezing. One freezing Yorkshire Dales morning we set off to Grannies. My wife and kids were in shirt sleeves due to the heat until the pop top condensation started dripping. I was driving in a Russian ski commando coat, British naval issue gun layers mitts and a balaclava, the hard edge of the mitts were used to scrape the ice of the inside of w
  9. I never did like those hightop versions.
  10. I'd rather have a works front panel and lose the bonnet louvres, or at least colour code them.
  11. accord83

    Black plates

    My Triumph is Topaz, and the black plates look just fine against the orangey yellow.
  12. I could roll that Escort, it's slightly more subtle than the Cortina, and I do like a Venetian Blind. ( I bet I'd soon grind the back tyres off against the arches though! )
  13. Oooh, behave! My old Man had an 1800 Magnum Coupe in metallic blue, it looked gorgeous. I was occasionally allowed to drive it until one day I collected it from a service on my way home from college. I was temporarily car less having written off my Mk1 Escort. There was a three lane straight on the way home so I had my foot hard to the floor straight up the middle lane showing 3 figures on the speedo, I passed one of our neighbours works vans.......... Guess who was in the passenger seat? I saw the van pull up across the road from home, I was out the back door, across the back field and
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