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  1. accord83

    Just plain wrong!

    Was it a premiership footballer's?
  2. accord83

    Wilkos mk2 1.6 Ghia

    It's much easier and quicker to bosh in repro floor panels than mess around with little patches, time costs if someone else is doing the work!
  3. accord83

    Just plain wrong!

    I thought that was for carrying your small change purse Col.😂
  4. accord83

    Just plain wrong!

    Doesn't everyone have a shooting brake for the staff to deliver the luggage?
  5. accord83

    Rare, Unique or Prototypes

    Well, I like it.
  6. That looks like half of a coupling from an ancient caravan I scrapped over 20yrs ago, except that also had two external dampers, the caravan was sat on 12 leaf, leaf springs. I think it might be a B&B coupling, this ones Grandad https://www.trailerpartsbanbury.co.uk/6515-sigma-coupling-bump-stop-p-1783.html?currency=EUR Here are parts of more modern couplings, I think one is similar to show an idea of what you're missing. https://www.ate-uk.com/media/wysiwyg/brochures/Chapter_2_Trailer_Couplings.pdf Scrap it and get a new one.
  7. accord83

    Christmas time again

    You don't need to be an Eskimo to want to rub noses.....
  8. accord83

    Mk1 Fiesta - What are they like?

    Iirc, gear change was slick, early base model brakes needed anticipation if you weren't wearing your Big Boys Pants, and faded quickly if left foot braking with the throttle pinned in 3rd (4spd box), and a Kent engine is a Kent engine whichever way it's facing.
  9. accord83

    Mk1 Fiesta - What are they like?

    Awesome little bits of kit on the back roads, handle well, fly well, land straight, buuuuut, can bend slightly at the screen base on heavy re-entry which also splits the exhaust down pipes. Panda cars, driven faster than hire cars.😁
  10. It was rocking, so we weren't for knocking....
  11. When he was asked to make a trailer from a Picasso he misheard and made a trailer by Picasso.
  12. accord83

    Just plain wrong!

    Front parking sensors, when the chicken squawks, you are close enough. Brilliant!
  13. accord83

    So.. I need the advice of the collective.

    Tell me I'm a git if you wish, but in my head I'm thinking, " So you have a rare Mk2 Escort 4dr, and you effectively want to use it as a donor for a kit car, why?" Sell the 4dr and use the money plus the expected budget for all the body shop work and the new shell, and all the incidentals to buy a good 2dr. Or, buy a bucket to collect your anguished tears and wreck a good car to make a bitsa.
  14. accord83

    I think I've got a new doorstop.

    Many thanks, I have a 1600GT head to fit once I've found it, and also a complete spare 1300 engine I can use if required. Thanks again for the offer.
  15. accord83

    I think I've got a new doorstop.

    That's kids for you, no responsibility. I'll stop his pocket money and let the tyres down on his BMX, that'll teach him!