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  1. Natural Nurse in a toxic world? Natural? With those lips and Hampsteads? Give over gal!😂😂
  2. Ah! Bless, a little Joey, fresh out of his mothers pouch for a bit of family bonding
  3. See, and that's just the ladies darts team!🤣🤣🤣
  4. Ignore James, they still have mullets in Oz!🤣🤣 Take them off.
  5. Ahhh, riiiiiight, never mind, cheers.
  6. How much for one of each posted? Cheers.
  7. My son has just texted me wanting help to find a 105e rear brake drum for a mate of his who lives in Denmark, has anyone got, or know of one for sale. It's for a Westfield Lotus 11 replica. Cheers.
  8. Too late, you've come out now!😂😂
  9. All that work to manage a complete clusterF, looking at the size of the door, was it used in a circus?
  10. When I saw Victorian man, I was expecting someone who looked like Isambard Kingdom Brunel.🤣🤣
  11. What Katana said, 180 degrees out on the distributor. Mine has been 180 out for years now, changed the plug leads to suit. Don't ask me the order as it's so long ago I've forgotten and my painkillers won't let me do the maths at the moment! It might be better to just remove and turn the dizzy.
  12. Or they think, Granny's got a big garage, lets break in and steal her mints and pinch Grandpa's mothballs.😁 I know what you mean though, my neighbour put a large window in the side of his garage using plain double glazed glass. My window is the same length, half as deep, with heavily patterned bathroom glass.
  13. Net curtains, how posh are you? 😁
  14. A giant coughing jumping mouse! What a place you live, you must have huge traps at the back of the pantry.
  15. Jilted Vista, You said you'd never tell, now my green bollox are all over the internet! Cyberbully😂😄
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