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  1. Could be a new sneaky Lancashire speed camera car, as they currently disguise theirs with Gas Board blue.
  2. Nah Officer, it's for medicinal purposes in case I ever need neurosurgery, it saves time finding a donor if the woodyard's shut.😂
  3. Where's the fun in that? I would then not have the pleasure of unleashing my deadly incisive, erudite, and acerbic observations of their sad nerdy lives after they had been lulled into a false sense of superiority. Failing that, carry a length of 3x2 😉
  4. Wow, the cleverness of the modern world ay? And here's me just getting to grips with overhead valves! 😂
  5. 👍 Cheers Boss. Don't do twitter, I'm a technomuppet.
  6. Would a 1975 Mk 11 Ghia 2 litre have rear seat belt mounts fitted as standard?
  7. I like it, but the wheels, they don't work for me. I like the number plate location, but then I would. ⬅️ See here.
  8. I do like some grey cars, this is a P6 Rover a friend of mine has just put on the road. I give you PHAT ROVER, in grey.
  9. It would be better with no vinyl roof, the stripes in reflective, not flat, blue and RS 5-Oh cutouts in the blue, like a spoof cop car.
  10. I had a very small black and white photo after we took the crowbar to the drivers side door to get into it, I had climbed out of the windscreen hole as the door had a bloody great Bristol bus stuck in it. I now have no idea where the pic is.
  11. I shall resist the half of cider, bag of salted peanuts, and an offer to stroke a puppy then!
  12. I know, but it's best not to encourage him, I can withstand an expert from the colonies attacking me, but to be fair, Col takes no prisoners!😂
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