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  1. @Rally Pack 2000 Bloody Giant Ninja Flying Swimming Boxing Rabbits!! Must be bad tempered mean rascals as even David Attenborough hasn't done a TV special on them.
  2. Could it be we had access to better hallucinogenics than you guy?
  3. 😂😂😂 Oh you Colonials, what are we to do with you?
  4. That's no excuse for your behaviour, back on the naughty step, and NO supper for you!
  5. You do realise I am going to have to wipe my screen with disinfectant after that abomination has just graced it. Those Wheels! My Eyes! Go and sit on the naughty step and have a good long think about your behaviour young man. Truly shocking behaviour.
  6. We don't talk about them, they taught you lot about Donk cars!! 😱
  7. I would be upset if I was gifted that Capri it belongs in a circus, but, his car his rules. To quote Dolly Parton, "It takes a lot of money to look this cheap"
  8. Custom Car was sent to the Colonies by slow boat........... Wait till they see white Weller Wheels, that'll put a curl in their mullets!!😂🤣😂
  9. Ah, playing the Venom Top Trump Card eh? Venom was a product of the 70's, and I thought it looked crap then, as now.😁
  10. The mail order door mirrors gave it away as an Aussie custom to me. (That combined with the shit wheels 😁)
  11. I have found OSF a slow site for quite some time, often the response is like the old dial up days. When on the forum switching from post to post it seems to take an age.
  12. What! You have SWIMMING Giant Boxing Rabbits, it must be like living in Jurassic Park. Wow!!
  13. Well, you need something to keep those man eating spiders and giant boxing rabbits out I suppose! 😂😂
  14. Bit of an extreme way to hit your Granny with the lowering stick!
  15. I remember when I was at school and a friends dad was the local Traffic Sergeant, he drove up in a Mk3 Cortina Savage in Mustard he was evaluating. He didn't like it, too much tail end breakaway and nose weight. I thought it looked the Mutts, with a bulge in the bonnet and Rostyles. I give my next door neighbours right testicle for it now!
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