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  1. I bet getting fuel into it is fun if you have big hands.
  2. I sorry I don't speak Welsh 😄, but it looked fairly scary.
  3. So it was probably a bespoke commission by a coach builder from the bare chassis cab, look for a builder/commission plate
  4. My previous next door neighbour used to chuck out slices of bread in his garden. I was throwing small bits into the hedge at the bottom of mine, and he was a townie, I had blue tits in my garden and he had an enraged tit chasing crows in his.
  5. Aw Bless! They're wearing their best LGBT jumpers.
  6. That could have been a home brew conversion on a Daimler ambulance chassis. My uncle built a camper out of one, but it went because could sup fuel faster than he could sup beer, and he had a prodigious thirst!
  7. accord83

    Hands Up!

    When my Old Man was an apprentice his Saturday job was to get inside the acetylene plant for the welding gear and chip it clean. He was 14 and unpaid for his first year but his Tech college fees and books were paid for.
  8. accord83

    Hands Up!

    Don't need them, I let my wife drive at night, after all the radiotherapy I had last year I drape myself face down over the bonnet as the sun now shines out of my arse!!😂😂
  9. accord83

    Hands Up!

    I don't have a seagull problem fortunately.😂
  10. accord83

    Hands Up!

    When I was a 1st year I remember exploding seagulls over the rugby pitch when the 3rd years were feeding them calcium carbide in bread from the 1st floor Chemistry lab window. Taught you to run quick and look up......
  11. accord83

    Hands Up!

    It, and pot other birds of prey are used to deter other birds from parts of, or all of dependent on size, of your garden. Some restaurants use them to deter pigeons from outdoor areas. Only shotguns work on seagulls........🤣
  12. accord83

    Hands Up!

    Everyone needs a pot owl in times of crisis. (actually I've just put my plastic Eagle Owl on my garage to keep the damn starlings my neighbour feeds away, they sit on the back fence and he gets the tweety end, and I get the shitty end!)
  13. They'll be the Vauxhalls then.🤣🤣
  14. I'm in purdah, SWMBO has put me in lockdown. Post radiotherapy last year it was discovered my white cells had been low for years and so I'm just coming to the end of a course of tablets to boost it. I suppose she right, but how we will be getting on after another week, let alone 3 months I don't know! Buuuuuuut, the Escort has a full tank of fuel so if we getting boiling point I'm heading for the hills for and hour (ish)🤣🤣
  15. But it is gorgeous, if I had unlimited cash.........
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