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  1. You never know when you need to protect your assets from burglars!😱
  2. Lighter? I thought it was a fancy butt plug.......
  3. Bloody hell, the size of that Newt on the crossing!
  4. If it walked across my wife's freshly mopped kitchen floor it would be plucked, drawn, jointed, and in the oven before it took more than 5 steps, I don't care how tough your Aussie sparrows are.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ It's a strange place you live James!
  5. Isn't that a kebab for Slimming World readers?
  6. It's been hotter than Kylie's shorts today, I don't mind it when it warms up gradually, but not nearly 20 deg overnight, the thermal shock is too much for this Northern Monkey. This temperature in autumn and giant boxing mice, you live in a strange place James😁
  7. Still here, slipped a disc 9 days ago, but the pain tells me I'm still alive.πŸ₯΄ (I'm getting too old to be carrying type 2 gear boxes about).
  8. Wow! You don't want him near yer sarnies, looks a hungry lad!
  9. WTF is a Yowie, not one of those giant boxing mice again!πŸ˜‚
  10. I always carry a spare ever since a new Yeti with foam got a key through the tread. We were stuck in Preston for over 2hrs on Saturday night at 11pm waiting for a recovery truck. (interesting watching the dealers and hookers wandering about). Then had to wait with the car on the drive until Monday until a mobile fitter could come to my house and fit a new tyre. Always stipulate a spare when I order a new car now, If the vehicle cannot have one, I won't have it. Always carry a scissor jack in the Escort as well, quick and easy. Usually a few to choose at car boot sales, when the start again.
  11. Love it, it needs saving though. If it could talk I bet it could tell some tales.
  12. Hope you are soon back to playing with your toys, be guided by the medics on this. Life can be a big shock sometimes, we all think we are still 21.😁
  13. Scrounge some huge cardboard boxes to open out and park over, helps soak up the drips. The ones that a Fridge, cooker, or Vista's wallet would be delivered in.πŸ˜‚
  14. I never open my bonnet in public, engine bay is full of sticky black stuff and welding done over 20yrs ago and described by one tester as, "'king agricultural, but 'king strong!" is functional, but as pretty as a warthog. The car is like Triggers broom, not a show winner, not fast, but it's a right giggle to drive.
  15. In the 70's my uncle had large garage attached to his house, it had a large pit, under the pit boards he kept his whiskey still. (I'm not sure whether it should be spelt whiskey, or whisky when distilled in Croydon!πŸ₯ƒ)
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