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  1. There's a lot of hard work and mechanical skill gone into making that so shite. Sad really that the skills could not go into something nice.
  2. Mmmm a gobbling teas maid wake up.
  3. Money can't buy taste.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-ESCORT-MK1-MEXICO-AVO-V5-LOGBOOK-MEMORABILIA/113705914144?hash=item1a79668f20:g:apsAAOSw3ltcUK3H
  5. I've led a sheltered life.......😱
  6. Nitrous, not for the car, for you, that way you'll be laughing whatever you do......
  7. Get someone to CNC you a Ford logo stamp. Bosh it on the non-Ford blocks. Bullshit baffles brains!
  8. If It looks like a pie, we'll give it a go. Many years ago our kid once forgot to take a huge family sized pork pie out of the freezer, Ma carved it with an electric bread knife and served us up a large slice of frozen pie and salad (whatever that is,....) each as a punishment, thinking we would leave it until later. Nope, we stabbed it with our forks and gnawed it like spaniels on a bone, left the green stuff though. Apparently there are other type of pork lolly, but being a gentleman etc.😱
  9. Maybe in the south of the country, they look too much like a pie to survive the Friday night/Saturday morning munchies oop 'ere in the northern waste lands.😂😂
  10. Possibly better than being introduced to the historical method: a sack, a brick, and a dark and dirty canal.😱
  11. Bloody tough looking crusts on those pies!
  12. I was road testing this morning after setting my timing, 1st all good, 2nd all good, into 3rd, all power gone, coasted to the kerb, bloody throttle cable had snapped! I had to walk a short distance to my friends petrol station, my intended destination, blagged a screwdriver, wound up the tickover, limped for fuel and then home, which luckily was not far away and was all 30 speed limit driving. (not that I was doing 30!) My first new cable in the spares box was for a pre 1969, so no good as it didn't have the adjustment threaded section. Spare number 2 was great but it appears the socket was Metric, and I have an Imperial ball end, (Ooooh Matron), a little tickling with a new 5/16" drill, and Roberts your mothers brother, back on the road. What I intended to take me 1/2hr took 4hrs instead. I hate old cars I do.
  13. When I run straight octane booster turns my plugs brown, but they've never fouled.
  14. I'm intrigued by the 1500GT owner Hairy Henry who was going to join a monkery! His phone number was good too, Prestatyn 15
  15. Would you use Rizla or Izal paper?
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