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  1. I'll try again, is it, 1, Ford Falcon XM (Australia built) 2, TVR Zante 7, Toyota S800 Publica Sport
  2. Paint it satin black with yellow Bat Signal logos on it, then burn it.
  3. 1, Ford Falcon XM (Australia built) 7, Toyota S800 Publica Sport?
  4. Nicola Sturgeon is measuring it up ready for her coronation as Scotlands Queen come her devolution dream!🤣🤣
  5. You're just jealous that our country is old enough to have proper antiques, (and old carriages!)😂😂 Is that Wee Jimmy Krankie in the cap peeping out of the centre window?
  6. Size of that rim, it must be Australian. 😁
  7. Baler twine tailgate looks effective!
  8. accord83

    Goblin Garage

    I'm waiting for my marriage certificate to the Nigerian Princess to come through and I'm minted, just sent off my bank details for the dowry to be paid into. Happy days! I hope she's a looker, her goats look healthy.
  9. Being a bonus baby, as in "Bloody hell! Where did he come from? That's a bonus" I was an uncle at 13, my sister is 9 years old than me.
  10. Whoa! That's crap James, so sad about the plants. It's difficult to comprehend actually what you guys are going through. Whilst we, apparently, had the hottest and wettest summer last year, but there is no comparison to your situation. On the plus side, my New Year gets better, I became a grand dad at 6.45am yesterday, but bugger me, it makes me feel old!😂
  11. Yup, sign up and keep this site afloat, it's a mine of information, and you can also tell all your mates you hang around with a right bunch of cults!
  12. Happy New Year James, I hope y'all OK and it starts to pour down with rain!
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