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  1. I thought E's used Sport type shells, and were not type 49's.
  2. Noooooooooooooo. He mentioned the B word.😱 Big John reaches for his tin hat and hides under the stairs with his fingers in his ears. La la la la la la la la la la.
  3. I had a Friendee Freetop Two version of the later one with a 2.5 TDI and a LSD back axle. Easier on the tyres than the 4wd one. Great bit of kit, the electric lifting roof was brilliant, and no VW scene tax for a gutless thirsty rust bucket.
  4. I like my 1.0 115 TSI DSG Karoq SE Tech, (Hellofaname!) more importantly so does my wife, I've had it 18 months with no problems and will probably get another in 6 months. Two year lease deals from my local Skoda agent. But I have had a Roomster and two Yeti's before it, so I'm a bit of a Skoda man.
  5. My Anglia had a piece of floorboard stopping the seat reclining through the floor. Most of the body was fibreglass too. I was a budding Frank Costin at 17!
  6. Pre 69 Marcos GT's had a plywood chassis.
  7. Feck! I wished I'd never asked, I just wanted to know how many LED Watts (as advertised), or most likely Lumens, is equal to an old school 100 watt spotlight bulb.
  8. That's why I was wondering what the current draw on 520w LEDs was in real terms. I'm tired and cannot do the maths.😂
  9. What current drain are the LED's? Is it very high, or the same as normal Cibies, Hellas Etc.?
  10. Early, pre face lift Volvo 760/740 turbo. A big old ugly barge to smoke about in, lovely.
  11. Lucky then went the right way up on both sides then!😂 Fantastic find, very jealous.
  12. I remember it in Custom Car when I was a teenager, thought it was crap then as well.
  13. Road side Jack? I thought you were describing a lass from our village when we were lads, she provided that service........😱
  14. My first car was a 1966 Anglia 1200 Super, it had a piece of wooden floor boarding stopping the drivers seat reclining through the floor, the MOT came via the phone, it had half an exhaust, and it contained so much filler if I'd have hit someone they would have died of asbestosis. I got it when I was 16 ready for my 17th birthday, lots of laughs in that little car. If it looked as gorgeous as the one above I would still have it, although I don't like cages in non competition car........
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