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  1. I'm not really one for originality to the extreme, an escort is always meant to go sideways sometimes, no good looking at it and not having a good ride, a bit like a female😉
  2. Its pretty bad, but very do-able, I will have a better look when I can get it in the garage and strip it down, will update this thread as I go with photos, I like it as its mostly complete, I'm just happy to finally have a Mexico mk2 ☺️
  3. Yep think the 1600 needs to be running too, its white and rust colour, I do like white, colour will be a long way off lol😉 A few pics from the eBay listing and my journey back. This has got to wait its turn, I have to finish the 1600 sport first🙃
  4. I have some of the listing from ebay, I'll find them out😉
  5. I am currently restoring a 1600 sport in another thread, however, after a lot of encouragement from my other half I have brought another project, a MK2 Mexico, although this will have to wait its turn as I want to finish the sport first that is on the rollover, I have wanted a Mex since I was about 9 after seeing an yellow one do burnouts, they don't come up for sale much, especially now. A few questions to ask if you don't mind, would it matter if I changed the colour? Also I have the original 1600 engine which will need a sort out, I have a good 2.0 which I could use, is this the done thing or should I just sort the 1600? Is it right to change to colour to your 'favourite' or be happy with the original (like the wife wants)😉
  6. I loved my Murex welder, done me proud for around ten years, built to last.
  7. I think you are right about the axle. Found a few photos of it removed. I phoned the DVLA who told me that I need to MOT the car to apply for a V5, also the company I brought it from said they will help me register it, I was hoping this would be easy to do.
  8. I had a South African VW Spitscreen which I restored, it gave me alot of good times, I hope this Escort will too😉
  9. The floors have been bodged quite a bit, covered in textured gunk to hide sins, will be cutting them about to make solid. I like that Mexico you have😎😎😎, my plans are to run a pinto with a 5 speed and use it as a fun car, it was originally venetian red so I am painting it as it was.
  10. Could be interested later when I have done more to the shell, I have brought filler hole piece I think? It was hard to find one for sale.
  11. Yes SA car, its got a rubbish axle in (kholn?) will be looking for a replacement setup when funds allow, brought a tunnel already with some missing brackets, but thank you very much for the offer😀
  12. This is where i'm at at the moment, cut the roof off, cleaned up metal work that I wont be able to get to with new roof skin on, etch primed, found some old 2k red and painted it to hopefully stop corrosion, then covered the weldable surfaces with copper weld through primer ready for fitting.
  13. I like the rad, found it has a big hole in, but I want to get it repaired, no idea what it has came from, along way till this stage though😁 the exhaust manifold looks home made, its burnt the wiring loom that it was rubbing against, I will need a new interior🤮🤮🤮
  14. Gutted to find out the car had a sunroof that has been very badly hidden under a load of lifting filler, I knew the car was rough, I like a challenge, was hoping the roof was ok though, oh well never mind.
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