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  1. Thank you all for the info, this has been passed on to the police
  2. It is the wife's, I'm a bit worried about putting my address as I have another classic, so Street, Glastonbury area, its a 1100L standard escort that has not had any welding done in the past, it has a Bristol Street Motors sticker in the rear window, stolen, I should of posted in the stolen section.
  3. Hi, please could anyone let me know if they know anything about this car, it is currently missing, went between 9th and 10th May from Somerset
  4. lol, but it is a twin barrel inlet manifold, with a single hole plate, kind of want to try it out to see what the difference is with and without it.
  5. Yes, on examination this is some form of plastic, placed on top of a aluminium single hole spacer, I have also found out that it was a grass track engine. I had not seen this before, thanks
  6. Hi I have dug out a x/flow engine that I have had in storage for a long time, would anyone know what or why the carb has been risen and somewhat restricted on some hard wood looking block over an aluminium plate? thanks Paul
  7. Fiesta 3rd photo down is the wifes (abbe hence the number plate), thanks for posting the pic you've made her day .
  8. Hello, I'm selling a pair of MK1 XR2 brake discs on ebay, and have been asked if they fit a mk2 XR2? Do you know? They are Item number: 140278963863 if you need a look, thanks
  9. I have tried removing the damaged bearing from the shaft but it don't want to budge, didn't want to knacker the goog one by trying to remove it, but I think its the only way to get the car going again, do you think it would be ok to weld the driveshaft in the jack shaft as it has lost its teeth and won't drive the driveshaft?
  10. Heres a few pics of the bits i need for the xr2, the top driveshaft is the one from the car its bearing housing has broken, I brought the other from the Fiestacentre Norwich but it dont fit, the jack shaft is also damaged as in the photo, hope i manage to sort this out soon.
  11. Nice set of alloys would make all the difference, looks sweet m8
  12. Hi every1 we are from Street in Somerset, mines a mk1 escort her's is a mk1 XR2 we also have another bubble arched mk1 escort which needs restoring, the neighbours don't share our passion for the old fords, will add a pic when i work out how, bye 4 now Think I figured out how to put photo's on here now, I took this one just now, What are the neighbours moaning about, I would like to live next door to me
  13. Hello my wife and me want to show our cars this year, im currently a member of seoc but they only cater for escorts, my wife has a MK1 XR2 and I would like to join a club that caters for all fords then we can go together and have a laugh, we live in Street, Somerset so a club with localish natter nights would be good, any suggestions???
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