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  1. Thanks, can you PM me your number, I’ll pass it on 👍🏼
  2. On the look out for front and rear seats and set of seat belts front and rear, if you have any lying around or know anyone that does please let me know
  3. karengunner

    Cheese .....

    Er.. Mike and 442... There's not even cheese or jam in any of your sandwiches. Lol. Try cheese, peanut butter and mayo. Mmm mmm mmm. Nikki Is even weirder, I'm sure she has cheese and lemon curd!!! Wtf is that about?
  4. karengunner

    Cheese .....

    Cheese and marmite... Mmm Jam does not go in sandwiches, it goes in cake you weirdo!!
  5. Haha, very rarely get called Laydees!!! Great pics John, looking forward to the next meet!
  6. I'm thinking of joining in with this but I also have 80mk2 escort. Never done anything like this before and currently engineless so I'm waiting on that before I can confirm...
  7. Can you confirm this year will be the same as last where we will need to participate in each round and not drop a round like we have in previous years?
  8. Any chance of getting anything a bit girly? I know cars and girls shouldn't mix but.... We do and I'd like a vest! Hehe
  9. I need one of these in my life, I know Nikki would too..... So, can I get from the shop???
  10. Hi all! So mines been sitting in the garage since my depressing last year, its now getting a transplant! Yay!!! So, heres my list get engine back, stick in car, get on rolling road New Tyres might do a bit of paint work after a small mishap with a gate Thats it, time to smash it!!!
  11. Set of twin 40s off my escort, all set up for 2l pinto in good condition £200
  12. Funnily enough, I was talking to someone this morning about this exact thing as mine was overheating the other week, he has a pinto powered caterham 7, the bosch pump is used instead of the mechanical one, he runs high compression so the car runs hotter anyway, since fitting he has not had any problems, apparently this is kinda standard for the Caterham guys
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