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  1. Good to see you back into the old skool fords !!!!
  2. The next meet is on the 25th November at 3pm at the Butt of ale Sunnyhill road Salisbury,All OSF's are welcome .The weather was terrible for the last meet lets hope its a nice day and a good turn out of cars this time ! we will hopefully see some of you there
  3. The Becker Mexico is about the only retro style headunit around at the moment the cheapest ive seen it is from DNA car audio for £899 but it is fully loaded with loads of technology and sat nav.the Panasonic CQ-TX5500D was out in 2002 that was an expensive bit of kit when it came out ,it can still be bought new in the US for $900 !!!! but it does look a bit Dr who OTT !. Vintage wireless,Manchester can convert your old units to FM for around £100 then you would be able to use something like a Griffin i trip to pipe your ipod tracks trough an fm frequency and listen to them on your old skool unit
  4. Signed its the best series for years im hooked, i will be totally pissed off if they dont show season 3 over here
  5. Already have the piece of ply screwed to the back of the letterbox put it up about an hour ago.the little chavy sods were letting off fireworks on the roof of the cars in the carpark at the back of mine the other nite.phoned the police they came out... 2 hours later !
  6. Just hand out squares of laxative chocolate the greedy little gits wouldnt notice and you know theyd have a Halloween to remember ! round here its the fireworks through the letter box you worry about not half a dozen eggs lobbed at your windows.
  7. A 1958 Plymouth fury [Christine] ive wanted since i first saw that film when i was a kid !
  8. Not to worry Ratters theres always next time if you can make it
  9. turner

    Nicknames ....

    Mine is Turner [Theres a surprise !] It stems from a mates birthday party in a pub about 10 years ago.I was sat drinking with my friends and this guy walks over with a pint puts it in front of me and says long time no see Turner get this down ya.I had no idea who the bloke was ,he'd obviously had a fair bit to drink and was alot bigger than me.So being a 17 year old under age in a pub i did what anyone else would have done and went along with it without protest and had several more pints off him ! Ive never seen the guy again and my mates and family now only ever call me Turner .
  10. A few pics they are from my phone hence the size ! Thanks to everyone for battling the elements and showing It was a good start to a meet that i hope will only get bigger and better .I feel if the weather had been on our side we would have had more in attendance so lets hope the next meet is a dry one !
  11. This meet will now start at 3pm !!!! ive moved the time back because of the clocks changing on sunday .this will give us that little bit of extra light to check the cars out !
  12. Its been brought to my attention the clocks change in the early hours sunday ! i have changed the time for this meet to 3pm to give a bit more daylight
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