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  1. Well had some satisfaction today when my insurance company phoned saying I only had a couple of days left on my policy and I had not responded to there renewal letter, After telling them I thought they was stronging it with a 100% increase in two years and that my Ford family were getting better quotes from other company's who sponsor our group they gave in and reduced it by 50% with all the same cover I'd had before,
  2. Cheers for your replays and input
  3. When I see this at the rollers Tom I had no idea how much work had gone in to this build, this is quite simply one of the best resto's I've ever seen and a credit to you and your dad well done mate, I look forward to seeing it on a track some time in the future
  4. I received my 10 year stickers cheers Scott, will display with pride
  5. I've just ordered my ticket and stand pass look forward to seeing the ford family again
  6. Cheers Mike I took my 1st policy out 2 years ago without shopping around great price with agreed valuation all mods declared was well pleased just had a reminder it's due for renewal next month and it's more than doubled, will compare this time for sure.
  7. Cheers Mike, sorry just replying mate been away and then could not remember my password to get back on.lol
  8. Hi guys and dolls, of the 3 company's I've seen as sponsors on the site who has given the best deals on your modified o/s/f ? Regards Kev
  9. Mk2 Mike I'm interested in the front door cards and arm rest please if they are still available ? Regards Kev
  10. No rush on my account Scott I'm away for the next 10 days so in your own time mate
  11. Well done guys and dolls another great event thanks to you all and the pleasant Dutch guys too, really enjoy the camaraderie among the group here and other meets and events keep the osf flag flying high
  12. I've just ordered 3 Scott after the heads up from Colin lol
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