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  1. That's correct Colr6, it's a 1953 Nimbus. Wondered if they were known outside Denmark. It was a Danish motorbike, produced at a factory called Nilfisk, best known for their fabulous alloy vacuum cleaners. They were very popular and used in large numbers by Mail Service, Police and Military. Has a flat iron frame, no rear suspension and a prop drive. Their straight cut gearbox makes a whinning noise which nicknamed them "the bumblebee" I've done some repairing to this one, as well as giving it a fresh MOT. It arrived on a flatbed truck, because it only ran for 3 minutes at the time. Ii'll spent winter at my place, since the owner is rebuilding her house and the Nimbus was destined to live outside.
  2. Ups . . . Photo got very big, sorry
  3. Hi. I've done a little work on this bike recently, can you guess the brand ? A little hint : It's a 1953 with a 750 cc inline 4 and overhead cam, rockers operate in open air ? Any guesses ?
  4. Probably best if he sticks to jobs like lubricating the chain on that bike . . . . ?
  5. I've bought a set of 15 inch alloys for my Escort, but don't worry I've kept the 7x13 RS Been through quite a lot to make them fit to an unarched but turreted Escort. The fit against the rear coilovers is very tight. Only available in 4x100 PCD meant I had to rebore them, only available in white meant I had to paint them as well. Must admit I like the look and the car drives very well, no shaking in the steering wheel at all. Wheels are 8x15, tires 195/45-15 Let me hear your opinions, I aware it might be a big NO NO . . .
  6. I've always favoured Dellorto's. They are nice, simple and easy to work with. Lots of new spares are still available, jets, chokes, stacks or rebuild kits. Used parts are not that easy these days, parts for Weber's are more common. I use Dellorto twin 40s on my pinto and they run very well. Be aware of the condition of the towers that holds the air screws, they are a weak point. If the air screw is seized, that might be difficult to repair or even worse. if a bad repair has been done
  7. I think somewhere in the mid 80s mk2dk
  8. Hi Fozzy Great result on your troubleshooting. Your car looks stunning and sounds sweet too
  9. Hi Fozzy. Did a compression test on my pinto last year. It has only done 1200 miles since a fully rebuild with new pistons etc etc, actually I think it needs more miles to be fully broken in, and the compression might raise a bit. Engine warmed, throttle open, readings were 180 psi on all cylinders. Camshaft is a Kent Cam GTS1 294 deg duration. When I build the engine I was aiming for 10.5 : 1 mk2dk
  10. Great photo. Does the sign say : Lada Sure The 4th car in the row looks like a Simca Talbot 1307, probbably the worst car I've ever worked on Always sounded as some french guy forgot to tighten something inside the engine mk2dk
  11. Hi Fozzy48 Looks great, wheels now sits perfect in those rear arches. Very nice Escort mk2dk
  12. Hi Fozzy. I've had the same problem. Try to loosen the tension on the handbrake cable until the small arms on both calibers are fully returned, against their stop screws. Then drive the car and use the brakepedal several times to help the piston adjustment against the pads. After that re-adjust the handbrake cable. Solved my problem. mk2dk
  13. I've seen the Escort Cosworth, Celica Supra, Mustang and SAAB episodes but don't think the Healey episode was shown yet. Has been a fan of the show for several years, learned a couple of tricks from watching Edd China. In my opinion the new episodes are a little too American, they are moving on to fast and don't show as many details as before. mk2dk
  14. Hi Colr6. Good work, very nice project. I've seen similar valve to piston contact on other Cosworth engines before, think it's due to high rpm, hydraulic tappets and soft valve springs, not necessarily a timing issue. Though I must admit they look a little bigger than normal. Are you going to use the 4WD pistons, as they have offset pin to help the rattling issue on cold start ? mk2dk
  15. Hi. I've seen them before, original Ford alloys sold for Escort mk5 and Mondeos same age. Think they were sold in 14" too. mk2dk
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