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  1. GJUK

    1300 x flow ignition woes

    Hi guys, So spent the weekend working on this and I can't work it out at all. Tried another coil, though the one ive tried im note sure if its any good. I'm getting spark at all plugs- the timing is about right firing as no1 comes right up to the top on compression. the coil, weirdly is getting 12v on the - side?! - what the hell. Does anyone have an old points set, coil, dizzy etc that I can borrow/buy to put the car back to basics and get it to try and run? Thanks, Jon
  2. GJUK

    1300 x flow ignition woes

    Thanks chaps. Where on the alternator woukdnthisbread wire go to please? Still, to confirm when ignition is on I should be getting 12v at the positive side of the coil? Cheers! Jon
  3. GJUK

    1300 x flow ignition woes

    Hi, thanks! I kind of assume that but when I tried to out 12v to the coil it didn't seem to help. I guess I could disconnect the 12 v feed from the ignition and try direct from the battery only. Anything else I can try please?
  4. GJUK

    1300 x flow ignition woes

    Thanks mate. The coiil + when the ignition is on, is not getting anything. I'm assuming this should have 12v at the coil+? This to me would suggest a problem elsewhere, fuses all look to be fine. Starter kicks over properly with the key.
  5. GJUK

    1300 x flow ignition woes

    Some images. What is the green and black wire, is it important - it was floating about the engine bay The male spade on the dizzy body - is this important to have something connected to?
  6. GJUK

    1300 x flow ignition woes

    dizzy cap is fine as is the rotor. car turns over fine but no spark at all :()
  7. GJUK

    1300 x flow ignition woes

    Hi, Tried dropping the king lead on the a plug - no spark when grounded on the shell. 86bf12100Ba is the dizzy 1 227 002 017 is on the side of the dizzy unit module
  8. Hi guys, I've a fiesta with a 1300 xflow in it and electric ignition. Worked fine, then all of the sudden its stopped sparking. All the cables are pushed home, ive tried another coil. There is no spark from the coil or from the dizzy. Where does the coil get its + feed from? All the fuses look fine - very annoying. Jon
  9. GJUK

    Ticking clock......

    Very few I'd expect, though by that time there will be kits allowing this for minimal cost. I'd not worry about it.
  10. Hi guys, I'm going to look at this tomorrow: (old pic) Anyone know of the car, its history or know how to tell if it is a real one or not? Rear valance buldge I know about. Thanks, Jon
  11. GJUK

    Headlight troubleshooting issue

    It is a Mk1 escort Thanks,
  12. GJUK

    Headlight troubleshooting issue

    Thanks, I was trying to find if the headlights need to be earthed - I assume so but where is this, as the rear headlight section is plastic. Thanks, Jon
  13. Hi, I seem to have lost my dipped bean and sidelight functions on my headlights. The switch seems to be working - the rear lights come on with both side light and dipped. The main beam works, but only when the side light or dipped are not switched on. As soon as you switch dipped/side lights on, the main beam switches off. any ideas of the culprit? Thanks, Jon
  14. GJUK

    Rough Value

    Hi guys, Could anyone give me an indication to value of this please: mk3 1.6 Ca pri laser. 150k, fairly uptogether but with No MOT. Needs a bit of welding - everything is there and it has three previous owners. Last on the road ~ 1 year ago. Not sure what these go for these days? Thanks,