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  1. havard01

    wheel arches

    Historic Motorsport (Southwest) are in the process of developing some new fibreglass kits based on a Group 2 Rally Car they are building. If you check their Retards Club page I think they are aiming to sell kits at around £150 without a front spoiler.
  2. Not a criticism, but I've noticed that the cover on a lot of recent Classic Ford magazines has been shared by different cars. Do you not do cover cars anymore?
  3. havard01

    Seat rails in a Mk1 Fiesta

    Thanks for the response. The seats I currently have and I'm planning on fitting are mounted from beneath; they don't have the side mounts like a Cobra Monaco S. Will this offer me any problems do you think, or is it worth looking for seats with side mounts? If I can use the seats with the mounts beneath then hopefully there shouldn't be much of a problem with height position.
  4. Hello, i'm looking to mount a pair of bucket seats in my Mk1 Fiesta using the seat rails that you can buy for Mk2 Escorts. However, the rails for the front of the seat do not currently have a central support as the exhaust tunnel in a Mk1 Fiesta is not that deep. I've seen the brackets fitted directly to the chassis as shown below; And i've also seen them fitted to a Mk1 Fiesta with rear wheeldrive; I was thinking of increasing the height of the tunnel where the front supports would go, have you got any recommendations please?
  5. havard01

    Rollover spit - rear end

    Hello, has any body got any pictures of their Mk1 Fiesta fitted onto a rollover spit please? I'm looking in particular for close ups of how the spit is fitted to the rear panel, or whether you have used extra braces to support it. Any help would be appreciated, cheers.
  6. havard01

    wheel arches

    If you speak to Jim at Alloy Racing Fabrications then he should be able to supply you with some Alloy rally arches for a Mk1 Fiesta. I had a set from a Group.2 Fiesta and had them copied by Jim, he should still have a pattern for them.
  7. havard01

    Twin 40 DCNF's on a xflow

  8. havard01

    Twin 40 DCNF's on a xflow

    I've managed to get hold of a pair of 40 DCNF carbs and was contemplating putting them on a 1600 Xflow for my Mk1 Fiesta. Does anybody know if there is an inlet manifold available to fit Weber DCNF carbs on a Xflow? If not, can I get somebody like Bogg Bros to modify an existing inlet manifold to fit?
  9. havard01

    mk2 fiesta roll cage

    What modifications do you need to make (if any) to the bodyshell or rollcage to get one to fit?
  10. Those of you that have fitted a Zetec into your Mk1 Fiesta, what gearbox have you used and what sort of power and torque are you putting through it?
  11. havard01

    My mates garage find 2 door Mark 1 escort

    Jammy git! I'd love to find a Mk1 or Mk2 in a garage like that. Keep us updated on the resto work.
  12. Signal yellow with some black Mexico style stripes down the side
  13. havard01

    golf headlights in xr2

    I know this is an old post, but has anybody got a "how to guide" for fitting Golf headlights to Mk1 Fiesta? Do you use Mk1 or Mk2 Golf lights? What modifications do you need to make?
  14. havard01

    steering wheel

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Ford-RS-4-spoke-s ... dZViewItem
  15. Do you have a Tech Spec for the XR2 that was featured in the latest magazine? I can't seem to find one for it.