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  1. Many thanks for your response and offer, I’m all sorted now finally. I’ve been meaning to update the post. Thanks again 👍
  2. Many thanks again for your reply, ideally I’d like 2.0/1.6 type struts (or even 2.8 bilsteins) as I can use my zodiac hubs on those to keep 5 stud wheels. I should’ve stated that in my initial post. The 3.0 struts your limited to changing the hubs/disc aren’t you. But thanks anyway 👍
  3. Cheers, it’s for a Mk3 zodiac 👍 How much do you want and would you be willing to post? Unless your not too far away
  4. ***Edit all sorted now thanks guys*** Hi guys I’m looking for complete front Capri suspension for a project, engine crossmember and steering rack, anti roll bar and struts if possible. Many thanks
  5. Mark Shillabeer (SRD) is very good, he set up my Toyota 4AGE engine which is running on R1 bike carbs in my Anglia estate
  6. May still pop along tomorrow for a look in the modern car My Anglia estate is still in the bodyshop at the mo and my saloon is out of mot
  7. Anymore news on dates for this one? I'd be up for it as long as its not the first or last weekend in May.
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