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  1. What would be the difference between old skool ford magazine and the classic ford magazine then?
  2. HondaRS2000

    aaahhh chavs

    I was surprised when i was in Tesco last night and Tesco now have posters saying 25 or under? The staff are now allowed to ask for ID if you buy alcohol, fags, DVD etc etc if you look under 25? You can have sex at 16 but will be questioned on buying beer, ciggies etc. WTF.
  3. What is this show? Is this just for Fords or all classics? Maypop down there!
  4. Awe inspiring photos mate. When i see something like this, it makes me want an estate as well. What engine is it running?
  5. you saw the mag or the cortina? the cortina was scrapped a year after i sold it to a young local lad, i was proper pissed off cos it was a minter! Why was the Cortina binned? Did the young bloke not look after it properly?
  6. Blimey, why so expensive? You can buy a decent car for that dosh. Maybe there in reality is no credit crunch
  7. Fo each 70 cars this bloke damaged, he should get put in jail for 1 year = 70 years Burn in hell.
  8. HondaRS2000

    Why do

    This is one thing that bothers me when the garage tightens the nuts too tightly and i have no air tools. It would be disastrous if you were stuck in the middle of nowhere. Do you guys think that the boys at Kwik Fit actually knows the torque settings on each car? I doubt the cowboys know anything.
  9. Stop it. I wear a hoody and scarf everyday as its bloody freezing lads. Hoodies are good for the winter. It dosen't matter how physically big you are, chav with weapons will still take a pop at you if they are armed. It gives them security.
  10. haha, put some stripes on it and then sell it PM me with what price you got on your mind.
  11. Wy the full bare metal respray? The car looked good in the first pics?
  12. Why did the wing had to be repaired? What happened? I can see alot of hard hard work has gone into this. I haven't been following the build up, but what is the engine spec? What will this car be used for? Concours? I love this car, my kind of colour. Mission this year is to buy a MK 1 Mexico or RS2000 like this one
  13. How much did you pay for it in the first place? and just add another £300 on top.
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