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  1. hi in need of a pair in very good condition with no damage to the boards please cheers tina
  2. cheers guys im really looking forward to the resto im deff going to stick with the colour tho its real retro mexman123 any chance of a pic?
  3. not much really lots of welding, a respray im not going to bother modifying it drastically as my partner has the white one and that's unrecognisable from when we first got it. engine is good and gearbox is spot on i got a new clutch for it anyway just incase, need to replace the steering rack got one to go on. tidy up the steely covers on the wheels Im going to replace the sills and floor pans eventually. its had new wings, i need to weld a plate across the beam on the boot where the boot struts fit as that's ad it finish welding another plate from the sill to floor passenger side a
  4. hey all, not new to this site but this car is, my new project for my 23rd birthday requires some welding!lol possible respray
  5. wack a search into google i cant remember exactly where but there is a place you can take the car and rally for the day
  6. its all about tax and the fu**ing noobs we vote for into parliment they tax you on your wages tax you when you spend your money! it''s shitty!
  7. cheers cisco24uk i dont know what to make of it realy might take it to a friend that is an antique dealer maybe he will have some info also cheers all
  8. anyone know anything about war medals? i got this from my grandmother and i dont know anything about it any info would be helpful cheers
  9. you beat me to it, in was gunna post this as i had the same txt!! lol funny though shame about him he was a character
  10. hi all does anyone play pgr 4 online??? not enough people playing it!!
  11. me and my dad weigh in scrap metal all the time depends on your location and price they are willing to pay! http://www.baylissrecovery.com/wantedMetals.htm interesting: http://www.letsrecycle.com/prices/metalsPrices.jsp
  12. get rid of it and get an osf for her!
  13. thanks guys im a member on xrtwo i will have a look
  14. it depends on the guy, my fella sometimes dont let me do work on the fez most of the time he got no say and hes knows more than me im afraid as he was an aircraft engineer by trade and his hobby has been cars since he was 17! but im catching up on the fishing side,he's always happy to show me stuff to do with cars but i grew up with cars oil and grease and love it my dad had a massive influence on me growing up i was always in his tool box!! he was a cycle mechanic by trade but always tinkering around with cars! his first car was a burnt orange elegro all chromed up!! 1980's i wasn't
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