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  1. hi guys, change of plans means this is all surplus. what seems to be a new ? (definitely barley used if that's tehe case) single inlet manifold to fit a ford xflow, with Italian weber 40 DCOE. very rare and a period modification! asking £250 for it, would prefer collection from me but this can be couriered for not a lot more. London/kent- please PM me or get me on zero7969696746 carb by 65603234_3109559112389386_844626638976057344_n by
  2. hi guys, I am in need of a mk2 escort saloon locking petrol cap- the genuine ford chrome type would be great. someone pinched my non locking one hence- if south east(London/kent/Essex surrey etc) based I would love to collect it as I can use the car again. thanks
  3. hi I have a good metal filler neck here, rubbers can be got from the club new? £20 posted for the neck anywho
  4. got what you need here sir I think! definitely got rears and 99.9% sure I have the fronts also... text me away tomorrow and I will see
  5. second one is a 1200 cortina mk1 item. a 1500 is taller , I can tell from the length from the mountings.
  6. It was ! Got 6 more here blasted and ready for paint if anyone needs any more?
  7. or sale- set of 4 mexico steels. deep dish and look great on all mk's of cortinas and obviously escorts too! 5.5jx13 all are in good condition, paints not perfect but its okay! comes with centre caps (Cortina type with RS sticker on) and 16x brand new metric nuts to suit. £250 ovno collection from London/kent or can be posted for cost. 07969696746 best to call or text. thanks 32169935_2201641443181162_430719438069694464_n by
  8. got one here in black. £50 posted or £40 collected fella.
  9. hi, I have got a rare 2737E bottom end, is a 6 bolt crank one. its just a very good block (with excellent bores) and crank, SE London- only asking £60 for it. thought I would say just incase you need it. if not no problem
  10. this guys spot on, bought parts Friday and arrived today- may be new, give him a chance, least he is offering stuff on here and not bookface or ebay first! but not everyones a plank like most I have come across! cheers fella happy with what I bought!
  11. Set of four 15x6 minilte type wheels. Et 20, ford fitting 4x108 (fits in escort arches fine) All have 4 really good 195/45 tyres 2x toyo proxes and 2x avons None have any kerbing or damage . But as you can see the laquer has peeled quite bad - easily be repainted or repowder coated . £225 collect from london/kent best to call me on 07969696746
  12. i have a load of 2 door mk1 escort glass, about 3 pairs of drop glass some rear 1/4 glass, and a rear screen,some good and saveabl want it all gone £30 collect from london/kent - give me a pm or a ring on 07969696746
  13. Yep all of above - still for sale would like it gone so who wants some more stability lol?
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