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  1. The previous owner revealed it had a deactivated tracker fitted which the current owner managed to get reactived. This allowed the police to locate & recover the car along with 2 other stolen cars (which haven't been disclosed). The trailer is still missing
  2. White & black Series 2 RS Turbo registration number E311XYC was stolen overnight 15th-16th July 2019 from Chigwell, Essex. The car is white with a black carbon fibre bonnet, roof & boot. The boot is one of only 2 made in the UK & has no boot spoiler fitted. The car has a 90 spec front bumper with black trim & Morrette quad lights. The car has red & tinted rear lights. The front windscreen has a white sunstrip with a black Burton sticker. The car has black Team Dynamic 5 spoke alloys with Toyo R888 tyres. The car is fitted with Brembo brakes. it's fitted with a 2 litre blacktop Zetec with a Garrett GT2876R turbo & Magnex exhaust system. Inside the car has been stripped out & fitted with a white rear cage, Corbeau front bucket seats with Luke harnesses. The back seat has been removed & the rear boarded out. The car has a strut brace under the bonnet & the battery has been relocated to the boot. There was a sighting of the car on a trailer being towed by a Mercedes Sprinter on Romanian plates on the A2 heading towards Dover at 6:30am so may have been heading to the port (Port police have been made aware).
  3. Green mk1 Fiesta on French plates DQ-148-AW was stolen in Portsmouth on 2nd July 2019. The car is a 900cc & being a French car is left hand drive which will make it stand out. The paintwork on the car is mismatched & looks to have a hole in the offside rear post which will also stand out. There are holes in the parcel shelf where speakers have been fitted previously. The offside rear arch is black. The car was on a recovery truck which was also taken.
  4. BOTH have apparently been recovered although I have no details
  5. Maroon & silver mk1 Escort, CLE648H, Nuffield, Henley on Thames 20/06/19 Maroon & silver mk1 Escort registration number CLE648H was stolen from a property in Nuffield, Henley on Thames overnight Wednesday 19th into Thursday 20th June 2019. The car is running a group 1 spec Pinto with downdraft carbs, a limited slip diff & 4 speed straight cut gearbox. The car is stripped out as it is used for racing, it has a single Sparco bucket seat with TRS harness & OMP roll cage. The door cards have been removed. The car has an alloy fuel tank with twin fuel pumps. The car is fitted with 6x13" Capri Laser alloys with Yokohama tyres. The bonnet is fitted with bonnet pins & has previously had a bonnet scoop fitted which has been filled in, straps holding down the boot & no boot lock. The front wings have been braised to the scuttle panel. Anyone with any info can contact Thames Valley police on 101 Possible sighting on the back of a recovery truck on the A217 going south past Burgh heath at 3PM on 20th June 2019.
  6. Stardust Silver Mk1 RS2000, RAC140M, Kettering between 01/10/18 & 16/06/19 Stardust Silver mk1 Escort RS2000 registration number RAC140M was stolen from a locked secure garage in Kettering at some time between 1st October 2018 & when the theft was discovered on 16th June 2019. The car is a completely standard mk1 RS2000 with steel wheels & Cibies. It is Stardust Silver with a black vinyl roof. It has pinstripes rather than RS stickers. The car has been in long term storage & will have been towed or removed on a trailer or flatbed. Anyone with any info can contact Kettering police quoting crime reference number 19000310289.
  7. RECOVERED Blue Mk4 Escort Bonus G250ATW & White Series 2 RS Turbo G712XVW, Batley 17/06/19 Blue mk4 Escort Bonus registration number G250ATW & White Series 2 RS Turbo registration number G712XVW were stolen in Batley using a white recovery truck on Monday 17th June 2019. As can be seen in the pictures, the RS Turbo is suffering from a lot of damage, the Bonus has a white bonnet with bonnet pins & has a white drivers door. Both cars have 90 spec bumpers & boot spoilers.
  8. White Escort Cosworth track car, unregistered, Ross-on-wye area 11/06/19 A white Escort Cosworth track car was stolen along with the Brian James race shuttle with large wolf head stickers on the side it was in at around 3am on Tuesday 11th June 2019 from a location in the Ross-on-wye area. The shuttle containing the car was towed by an L200 type crew cab truck. The Escort Cosworth is stickered for the Time Attack race series & had competed down at Brands Hatch at the weekend where it suffered damage to the right hand side following contact with the pit wall. The car has a Group A shell & has an alloy Smith & Jones engine block, double injectors, 6 speed FSD gearbox, 9” rear diff, rear sq beam, black Ohlins suspension, Morrette twin headlights, drilled WRC front bumper & has carbon fibre vents & spoiler. Inside the car is a full rollcage & bucket seats.
  9. Black X reg Mk1 Fiesta XR2, Silloth, Cumbria 09/06/19 A black X reg (full registration number has not been disclosed) mk1 XR2 was stolen from Criffel Street in Silloth, Cumbria between 11:30am & 1pm on Sunday 9th June 2019 (I think, actual date wasn't given in the public appeal). No further details are known.
  10. Yellow Mk1 Escort, TOL795N, Street, Somerset 10/05/19 Yellow mk1 Escort 1100L reg TOL795N was stolen between Thursday 9th & Friday 10th May 2019 from a property in Street, Somerset. The car is completely standard & hasn’t had any welding done to it. There is a bit of surface rust on the vehicle, it has an aerial fitted into the drivers front wing & has a pair of mirrors fitted a third of the way along the front wings. It has a red Bristol Street Motors sticker on the bottom of the back window.
  11. Anyone looking for additional security products for their Oldskool Ford's join the Stolen Oldskool Ford's Faceb00k group & take advantage of the discounts I have set up including on Hagerty Classic Car Insurance (who offer agreed value & laid up policies), Diskloks & Trackstar trackers. Other discounts are in place too.
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