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  1. Black mk1 Fiesta Supersport reg UNE295X was stolen from a business premises in Kirk Hammerton, Yorkshire at 22:20 on Sunday 5th July 2020. The car was spotted being driven into Leeds on false plates at around 23:00 the same night. The car has undergone a full nut & bolt restoration.
  2. Been a few cars stolen in that area. Capri 280, 3dr Cosworth, Mk1 Escort, genuine ShellSPORT Mexico & red mk1 Mexico.
  3. Red, gold & white Alan Mann Racing replica mk1 Escort registration number UHX327F was stolen from a property in the Reading area on the night of Sunday 7th into Monday 8th June 2020. The car is built to a very high standard & is immaculate inside & out with the build being overseen by the cars owner, former Ford racer Dave Brodie. Everything in the car is period perfect. The car has a Springalex steering wheel & 140mph Twincam dials. The car is fitted with a master switch panel with switches, a battery cutoff & fuse box. The engine is a 155bhp Lotus Twincam fitted with VJ3 cams, ‘big wing’ sump, Accralite pistons giving a Compression Ratio of 10.16 to 1 & twin 40DCOE’S. The car has a bullet gearbox, limited slip differential & Bilstein suspension. The only thing not authentic to the build is the fact it has disc brakes all around instead of drums on the back. Bodywise, the car is fitted with steel bubble arches, a bullet mirror on the drivers door & a single wiper on the drivers side only. The car is in Alan Mann racing livery of red, gold & white & is painted black in the engine bay. It has bonnet pins & no bumpers fitted. The car has rectangular headlights. There is a battery cutoff switch with surround on the rear panel. The car also has extra cutouts in the bottom of the front panel. The car is also fitted with 16" alloys The car is very well known in the classic Ford scene as is the owner. Anyone with any info can contact Thames Valley police
  4. Blue mk2 Capri TOL510N was stolen from a garage in the Hodgehill area of Birmingham on Wednesday 27th May 2020. The car is a unusual shade of blue having been resprayed. The rubber side trims that would of been half way up the door and the rear quarter were removed and holes filled. The wing mirrors aren't standard either. The car has been off the road since the early 90s. The owner has had the car from new so has massive sentimental value to the family.
  5. Grey Ford Pop hot rod registration number 155AYD was stolen in New Earswick, York between 6:30pm on Wednesday 27th May & 11:30am on Thursday 28th May 2020. The car is running a Rover V8 engine, Jag IRS rear end & Triumph front suspension. The car has oversize arches, teardrop rear lights, Wolfrace slotmags, side exit exhaust & the fueltank located behind the rear seat.
  6. Blue mk4 Escort Eclipse reg H53DFG was stolen from outside a property in Northampton between 3am & 2pm on Sunday 26th April 2020. The car is fitted with black bumprrs, XR3i dog leg alloys, clear front indicators & front spotlights.
  7. Black mk4 Escort Ghia reg G854WLY was stolen in the Oxford area around the 21st/22nd April 2020. The car is a standard 4 door Ghia aside from the alloy wheels. Anyone with any info can contact Thames Valley police on 101 or 01865841148
  8. Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 reg E948KBL was stolen either late on Friday 20th/ early hours of 21st March from the Glasgow area. The car is build #16. Crime Ref No PS-20200321-0366 More info as/when I get any
  9. Car was found in a garage in Coulsdon. The car was 99% complete. The new brightwork the owner bought are gone. The paint work had a couple of scratches, a couple of broken lights from being hidden & a damaged carpet.
  10. Moonstone 2wd Sapphire Cosworth registration number G637BNO has neen stolen from a council garage in Great Yeldham, Essex. Thieves ripped the door off the garage before dragging the car away. The car is fitted with a stage 1 chip & has an uprated exhaust system. The car has a cloth interior. It also has clear front indicators. The theft occurred between 25th February & 3rd March 2020.
  11. A white mk1 Escort rolling shell was stolen from a unit where the vehicle has been in storage long term in the Droitwich area of Worcestershire at some point in the week before Christmas 2019. The car is described as having a rough white paint job on the bodywork & is blue inside. The car had the front wings removed as they were rotten butwere stolen along with a set of new Magnum wings & other panels. The car didn't have number plates fitted. The 1100 engine & box were still fitted in the car. The unit was broken into & a lot of stuff moved to get to the car. Other cars were damaged too. The Escort will have been towed, trailered or removed using a lorry due to being a rolling shell.
  12. Green mk1 Escort registration number XHM885G was stolen from outside the owners house in Harlesden, NW10, London on Thursday 9th January 2020. The car has been untaxed since 2004 & has 6 dial clocks, a wooden steering wheel & has a 1300 crossflow fitted with a Weber carb instead of the Fomoco one. The car is also automatic. The car has rectangular headlights & has a few rust spots & marks. The rear bumper has a dent in it & is fitted with a 3rd brake light in the back window. The car was on a trailer with no wheels when it was stolen. Both the Escort & trailer were taken so the thieves will have had to have brought wheels with them. This is the THIRD time the owner has had the vehicle stolen!!
  13. Blue Escort Cosworth registration K858WJA was stolen from Chawston near St Neots, Bedfordshire at around 4am on the morning of Friday 3rd January 2020. The car has some rust patches on the front wings, the offside front fog light glass is missing, as is the lower front splitter. The whale tail & boot spoiler aren't fitted either. The car has an aero style petrol filler cap & Morette quad lights.
  14. This one was sadly recovered at the weekend burnt out after being used to steal an ATM machine
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