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  1. pm sent to mexican gerbil......cheers kev
  2. Oooooopppppsssss No. Long story short going with a mate who now cant take his car. My ticket has a V on it so I guess i am in the general parking area..... No worries maybe I will get it right next year....
  3. I have my ticket,and i am camping,arrive friday. Would like to be on the stand,and spend some time on it this year. Got very side tracked last year cheers kev
  4. Should have checked this out sooner! Am i too late...want two cars/two tent pitches fri to mon inclusive Hope i am not too late,will come on stand if not too late,but understand if in general area like i was last year Pay however you like been saving up for this kev
  5. Entered as individual,had a mate coming in his tina(he is not on here)but he has had to bail out.If there is space on your stand on the day would be my pleasure.Could only get the sat because of late application.Got e mail today sat & sun fully booked.Must be busy show....kev
  6. I am coming to this with my 18 yr old son.We have tickets,camping fri &sat nights,show car sat only,drive back to kent sunday Looking forward to meeting some more of you Long trip for us cant wait....kev
  7. Am at mulion(parkdean) any address details of this show If me hangover aint too bad I might be able to talk the mrs in to a day at plymouth...Oh look theres a car show ha ha ha kev
  8. The weather forecast was putting me off (car not exactly water tight since the screen smashed and the new seal did not fit) New kitchen being fitted of a day,I am working nights. But there is a chance i might make it...gonna check car over tomorrow if all is well chuck in the camping stuff...he who dares an all that! Would any of you going be so kind as to give me a mobile number,just in case i cant find you lot. I am camping fri/sat night...cheers kev 07917 084803 Like i say txt me your number just in case i will not bombard you with txts /calls
  9. Me fri & sat camping & show/stand pass How do i pay for it all?
  10. Not sure if i done this or not? Been registered since 2007 says no posts so presume that includes an intro post Drive mk2 tina est essex auto blue mostly some of the dreaded here an there Car is as bought more or less Am into bsc essex/kent also 1 to 5 club,1600e club.I went yat year before last so i have met some of you along the way (useless with names)....kev P S intend going to powderham castle to reunite my car with man who had it for 25yrs and done most of the work.Bit of a trek from kent so expect some camping questions
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